HE Totally twisted mousse

I've been having really good luck with this mousse. It gives my hair just enough volume, boosts/ evens out curl, and fixes any wonky waves on my second day hair, and my hair stays soft and not sticky.

However, once my can is done I am really hesitant to repurchase because I am quite sensitive to the fragrance- I have to go for a long walk outside after using this. And even though it works well I've been saving this mousse for bad hair days and "special-er" occasions. So I am wondering what ingredient(s) in the mousse might be making it work so well in terms of boosting / shaping my waves? Does anyone know of any similar mousses that are fragrance free or don't have such a strong fragrance?
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Unfortunately, I don't have the answer to your question...My first can of HE Totally Twisted is sitting on my counter, waiting to be experimented with! I'm going to try it tomorrow, and I was wondering, do you put it on wet hair or dry? If wet, do you air dry, diffuse, plop?

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Personally I don't like using most products that have hold on my soaking wet hair, because my hair takes a super long time to dry, even without product, and so the water pulls out the curl. I usually use it when it is damp. Maybe that is why I'm liking the mousse- it's easier to distribute on drier hair. Sometimes I use it on dry hair if it is my second day hair and I don't have time to rewet it, but I have to be careful not to use too much and to un-crunch it.
I usually use leave in on my really wet hair, let my hair dry a bit. Then I scrunch in the product, twirl some wonky pieces, and I let it air dry. Diffusing and plopping doesn't really do much for my hair. If I want a little extra definition, I like to use a tiny bit more when it is dry, but again I have to be pretty careful because I don't want my hair to be all producty.
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Thanks, wavesandsmiles! I ended up skipping the mousse today in favor of another product experiment. But I'll be using your tips when I do try it out (I'm glad I asked or otherwise I probably would've been trying it in sopping wet hair like I've been doing with gel!) I hope someone has some recs for less smelly mousses for you!

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No problem. I hope you get it to work for you. Everyone's hair is different though- I'm sure someone will like applying it to sopping wet hair. It just doesn't work for me.
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I got it when I ran out of my regular gel. I did like it on sopping wet hair -- if it was somewhat dry it seemed more frizzy. I liked how quickly my hair dried with this stuff, and the weightlessness, and that it didn't darken my hair. But my hair seemed to get really dry while I was using it. Maybe it was already dry but the MGA Scalp Rescue gel covered up the dryness or something. Now I'm back to making FSG after about 4 years of buying my hair styling stuff. It does a good job and the price is right.
This product also worked good for me, I think it was the polyquat-4 that worked on my curls. I've seen that in many other mousse as well. Unfortunately, it builds up in my hair, so I'm trying to find something quat-free.
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