I cut off my hair!

WOW!! Looks like that hair cut was made just for you. BEAUTIFUL!
Originally Posted by msgiblet
I agree! Did you do it yourself or do you have the best stylist in the world? Looks awesome!!!
No, I'm horrible at cutting my own hair! I just got lucky...I hadn't gotten my hair cut here yet, so I just picked an expensive-looking salon and booked an appointment for that day, and the hairstylist I got did a great job! I'm going back home to Canada in a couple months though, and I hope my hairstylist can do the same thing with my hair. :P

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Although I'm really not a fan of very short hair anymore, I have to admit yours is a cute cut!
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I love it! It looks fab on you!
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Your hair looks beautiful...Enjoy it
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I am so digging your new haircut! It looks totally chic and very stylish! I love it!
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WOW-the short style really suits you, gives you another very special look in addition to your look with longer curls. And how nice for you to be able to maybe have some food with your morning coffee .
It looks fabulous.

I'm jealous that you had the courage to just chop it all off! I'm working my way to a cut that short, but I'm much more cautious and I've only been taking a couple inches off at a time.
It looks beautiful! Although your long hair was beautiful too, this short new cut is so cute and chic. It really suits you. I wish I could pull it off too.

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I love your cut and I'm itching to do this, too. If I don't love my hair by July, I'm gonna do it! Would you let us know when/if you get "tired" of having short hair?
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It looks GREAT! Very flattering.

Incidentally, I have had your album bookmarked forever--the cut you had in those March '06 pics will be my exact inspiration if/when I get the motivation to cut my hair much shorter. I LOVE that cut!
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