Does anyone own a bonnet hair dryer?

Like the ones in the salon? I am so sick of my hair being wet all the time while it is air drying. I'm considering purchasing one. Any recs? Bad idea?
I got mine from Folica. I use it for deep treatments and to dry my hair when I don't want to difuse. I have had it for 3 years and it works great. It is a little bulky to store, but set up and take down is easy and it is adjustable. Mine is a Hot Tools.
I have a soft bonnet dryer that attaches to my regular hairdryer.

I tried it once and it seemed to take quite a while to dry, but I really didn't get a chance to test it out properly.

It is sitting in the closet unused since then because it is the kind of thing you need to use if you live alone. The depths of embarrassment this thing can bring are hard to imagine. I live in a small apartment with a boyfriend and I will never have enough privacy to actually get to use this!

I did get it at Sally's for like $20
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I have both soft and hard bonnett hair dryers, and got them both at Sally Beauty Supply. I think the hard bonnet dryer cost me about 35 dollars. I usually use these while trying to do my nails or read a book.

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