Hairspray help??

I cannot even believe that every single thing of hairspray I saw at the store tonight contained ALCOHOL!!! So not even kidding!

Do they make hairspray without it??

I did see some with alcohol listed like 4 slots down on the ingrediants...but is there!

My hair is sooo thick that I've got to use something to keep it from becoming too heavy and weighing things down on my head (flathead!)...
I've never seen any hairspray without nasty alcohols in them. The big one to look out for is "alcohol denat." It's the wickedly drying one. There are some fatty alcohols that are moisturizing rather than drying. Cetyl, stearyl, and behenyl alcohols are some that turn up in hair products rather frequently.

If you wanted to use hairspray for added volume, you might consider using either a mousse or a spray gel. I get better results from a spray gel, but I haven't done a whole lot of playing around with mousses. I'm loving the L'Oreal Tightly Wound spray gel now. And lots of the curlies around here really like JoiWhip mousse, from Joico.
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I, too, would recommend trying a spray gel. I can't get myself to jump on the mousse bandwagon just yet, but I really like Herbal Essences Set Me Up spray gel.
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