Stylist loyalty

If you haven't been to your regular hairdresser in awhile and have "seen" other hairdressers would you be comfortable going back?

I have been going to a certain stylist for at least 4 years. Sometimes the cuts were great and I loved them, other times it was not so great or a disaster. Although not as disastrous as my current cut. Back in June I got a really bad haircut from him and decided to stop haircuts and let it grow out.

In August I tried out a different stylist in another salon for a trim. On Saturday I tried yet another stylist at another salon for a cut and the results were really bad.

Would you be uncomfortable seeking out your original stylist for help with fixing the disaster?
Not at all. I actually had a similar experience where I stopped going to my usual stylist (when I wore my hair straight) and had another one literally burn part of my hair off, so I had to go back to my original to get it fixed.

I think most stylists don't take it personally like you're cheating on them or something. For them, it's a business, KWIM?

I have my stylist I go to when I want my deva cut, one I go to for color and if I want each curl manually twisted by hand, and one I go to if I want my hair straight. Each of them has different strengths and I'm not big on commitment (except in the case of my hubby)... LOL.
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I just went back to the stylist that I loved. My mom had stopped liking her so she suggested I go where she went. But my mom has a complicated hairstyle that has to be blow dried straight. I went to two hairdressers after leaving my other one after a couple of years. The first one was okay. The second one was not. I asked her to cut layers into my hair because I NEED layers and she didn't. My hair was not as manageable. So I went back to my old hairstylist and she did a wonderful job. I am NOT going to leave her again, no matter what my mom suggests. She cut perfect layers into my hair and boy has my hair responded. I didn't realize I had this much curl! I am having a wonderful hair day today! I have learned that when you find a hairstylist you like, you keep her.
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