Help Coconut Oil confusion

I was strolling around Whole Foods this weekend and I decided to buy a bottle/ jar of Virgin coconut oil. I knew that I read somewhere on here that it was very moisturizing. How do I use it? On wet or dry hair? In conditioner? Most imporantly how much do I use? If I don't figure out what to do with this thing I am about to make a cake or something with it. :P
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I like to use oils on dry hair. I feel like it gets too greasy on wet hair and doesn't penetrate the hair as much. For me, if the oil is solid (like shea butter or coconut oil can get) I melt it and then I section my hair and apply to my scalp first and then rub down the entire length of my hair. I may add a bit more to the tips.

I can't say the exact amount because I think it varies, but I tend to put enough so that I can feel the oil on my hair but not so much that I feel like a grease monkey.

I usually do that as a pre-poo at night and then either co-wash, condition or water only rinse in the a.m. I also occasionally add oil to my conditioner.
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I'm one of those people who can't actually wear oil in my hair. However, right before I work out I mix in a few drops of oil with a palmful of conditioner (Suave or some other cheap one), apply it to the length of my hair, then put it up in a bun. The heat my scalp generates during my work out (I feel) deep treats my hair. Then I wash it out with a shampoo bar when I shower after my workout.
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