Vegetable Glycerin

My hair hates glycerin. I tried Jessi Curl products with no glycerin and I'm liking them. I used the Spiralicious gel which doesn't have glycerin but I don't need much hold. I noticed Gelebration spray which has vegetable glycerin. Some of Jessi products that have glycerin list it as glycerin but Gelebration lists as vegetable glycerin .

What's the difference between vegetable glycerin and glycerin?

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I'm pretty sure they're the same thing. Glycerin is just vegetable fat, as far as I know.
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"Glycerin" can be from animal or vegetable. "Vegetable glycerin" is made from vegetables.

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it's kind of a confusing topic. this is what I found.The Right and Wrong Way to Use Glycerin for Hair | Curly Nikki | Natural Hair Care
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Something else... most of the time you don't know whether it's synthetic or plant-based or based on animal fat.
I think companies aren't obliged to tell what kind of glycerin it actually is.
I wouldn't expect it certainly not if the company is 'commercial'.
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