My flakey scalp

Hello everyone!

When I started CG I suffered from an oily flakey scalp, and 2 perpetual scabs on the crown that never seemed to go away. I was very apprehensive about this when started CG, thinking that the oil would increase and the flakes would worse. But this has not been the case! I'm becoming more and more aware that my scalp isn't producing as many flakes as before, and my scabs seem to have gone away! I even tried to really scratch, to prove that the flakes were still around, but I had a hard job getting more than a small scrape of residual oil under my nail. I still have a little flaking in some areas but its not nearly as bad, and seems to keep on improving. And, I don't get the severe itching I used to get either!

Its clear to me that my scalp was too dry from the harsh shampoos, and was fighting back with the flakes and oil. So, although the general health of my hair seems to be taking a while to improve, the scalp is showing great improvements, which gives me motivation to carry on with this.

I can see why the hair would take longer, since skin renews so fast, AND I am extremely naughty about drinking enough water, so I tend to get dehydrated skin and hair.

Anyway, I just thought you guys might be interested in the progress!

Love Liz xx
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

But then again, too few to mention...
Yay progress! That's great news!
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awww, well done zelda on your progress, i too have noticed a massive difference in the way my head and hair has been behaving, and i did what you did, the flake test, and as with you..nothing, im so glad that the itching has gone though, it used to drive me round the bend!
well done zelda and keep going, it really is worth.
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