Plopping with Microfiber Turban

Is there a trick to plopping with a microfiber turban? Or do you just put the turban on?
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I usually plop with a tee-shirt, but when I use a turban this is how I do it:

Hang hair upside down.

Place the center of the turban at my ends and use turban to gently scrunch all hair up to my head.

Pull the head part down around the back of my head, then twist and secure the twisty part.

Once it's on, it looks no different from a normal turban, but underneath it's different because instead of my hair being twisted around the twisty part, it's all scrunched up at the top of my head.
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I lay the turban out flat with the end that twists up facing me. I bend over and let my hair get scrunched in the wide end of the turban. when my head is against the turban, I pull the end over the back of my head, gather the long end, and twist it. Then I stand up and secure the end on the button in the back.
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