Re:Coil/Plastique???, I found the ONLY place in Lansing (the capital city!!) to get AG products....(yep..just ONE place!) and I called them to see if they really did carry it....and they do.

I talked to this one girl for like 10 minutes about stuff and she also told me that many people who use the re:coil also use Plastique and that they cannot keep it (Plastique) on the shelves.

I've never seen anyone here stating they use it nor have I seen it the I looked for it on their website and it is a volumizing thing, I guess.

I guess, TECHNICALLY, I don't need VOLUME...I have a ton of hair and it is thick, but I cannot drop the brush! I still have a tendency to do a small bit of back brush (JUST A TAD!!) on the top/sides to give it lift so it isn't "flat/droopy". And yes, that gives me a little fuzz. BOO.

SO....anyone familiar with this Plastique stuff?? Made by AG like Re:Coil..just wondering anyone's experience is with it and if it is CG friendly!

And what about their poo's/conditioners?
Plastique is new, which is probably why you're not finding it in Curlmart yet. I got 2 samples of it, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet. I did send one of them to someone in a swap, and she said it gave her more volume. It is CG, and I will probably try it one weekend soon. I'm not sure about the conditioners, but I'm fairly sure the shampoos have sulfates that would make them non-CG.
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