Not enough product?

I have been doing CG for about a month now. I have noticed a difference in my hair. Less frizz and more defined curls. I have noticed that while some parts of my hair look really good parts in the back under like the first layer look different. Not in the sense that they are a different type of curl. They are fluffier. Like they have nothing (as in gel) on them. The curls on top of it are perfect. Could this be that I am not getting enough gel in that area? I have been using VO5 passion fruit as a co-wash, with the lite pink Loreal condish, GF C&S and totally twisted. Since I am still kind of new at this I have been trying not to over do it with the totally twisted cause I don't want to end up with crunch. So am I not using enough cause I am too scared? Should I just go for it and use more and see what happens?
yea, u should...actually the same thing happened to me wen i first started it, the top was okay and the bottom was all crappy. then i learned that u had to put enough (but not too much, like 2 quarter size) amount of gel, and rake it into ur hair with ur fingers, that way it'll go all yea, lol and i went from like a 2a/b to a 3a/3b
3a =] =]

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