plopping rant...

You know...when you get your hair up all nice in that lovely tshirt, leave it on for 30 min and take it off expecting some nice spiraling? Instead...while not realizing it I accidently twisted a few pieces into the shirt itself so they came out nice and STRAIGHT! UGH.
In DESPERATE need of a haircut.
Been there!

I also hate when I don't notice the front of the towel gets pushed back, off my forehead . . . so that when I remove the towel 30 minutes later, the front of my hair is kinked in the weirdest way.
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I get that! Or sometimes I tie it around a little too tightly, and my forehead ends up flattened and not at all curly! I've found I have to plop very gently, and not leave it too long.

Liz x
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

But then again, too few to mention...
Anyone ever get a line across their forehead when they plop with a t-shirt?
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that's EXACTLY why i stopped plopping. it's far too inpredictable for me >.< i prefer a good old air dry
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