Split Ends

As you all know , the only way to get rid of split ends , is to cut them..
but recently in june , i had a hair disaster , and my hair springed up to nearly my ear.. and now its shoulder length , and i have a lot of split ends..
but i refuse to get it cut ,because the hair dresser always cuts 3 inches off or more , not realizing that i will have uber short hair afterwards!
so im thinking , could i get a close friend who knows how to cut hair , to just cut off a little cm at the end? and what prevents split ends , should i use a comb instead of brush?

I dont see any harm in getting someone you trust to carefully snip off the very ends, as long as you use very sharp scissors, because blunt scissors can actually make your ends worse.

Using a brush can be damaging, but mostly in my experience its not necessarily the tool, but the over-use. Too much messing with it can damage the ends. Dryness can cause it too. You can prevent them occuring with products you coat the ends with, with a dab of oil on the ends. Drink LOADS of water!

Hope this helps

Liz xx
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