Which of these curl products would work best for my needs?

Out of these:


Go to the drop down menu where it says choose brand.

I am a male, have curly hair but I want to make it more curly by creating some more curls. Which of those would be best for creating curls?

I was leaning towards the Garnier Soft Curls product but what about the other ones?

I want curls like these if it helps:



I opt for the GF Soft Curl Cream just because I haven't used any of the other brands! A tip for the GF SCC - use it in wet hair. Rub a little between your palms then apply it - distributes much better when your hair is soaking wet.

Despite the cone it has, I don't experience buildup with it. If I use it for a few days, I will use a clarifying poo before I begin using another product.
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