Which hair color would look best on me?

Hey everyone! I don't like my natural hair color. I was a blonde when I was younger and then turned dark brown when I was 13-14. I was happy with both of those colors but I don't like my current color of light brown/reddish so I'm going to dye it. The problem is I don't know what color I want to dye it, blonde (not the platinum blonde with roots, natural looking blonde hair) or dark brown (not dark, dark almost black hair. Just a medium/dark brown color). I keep changing my mind and can't decide. It's driving me insane! Some people have one hair color that looks the best on them and I get told by my family and hair stylists that I could go either way and that both colors would look good. But I just don't know. I like them both. I can't decide. I would really like your opinion on which color you think would look best. Thank you everyone!

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Here are some pictures of my natural color. All of these pictures were taken without makeup but I do wear makeup. I like the smoky eye look. And I'm not tan right now but I do get tan in summer so please keep that in mind too. Thank you!
Well, you're gorgeous so I have to admit, I think both colors would look great on you but here are some suggestions:

If you do blonde, make sure it is a warm golden blonde. I don't think ash or champagne blonde would suit your coloring.

It is much easier to dye hair from light to dark rather than dark to light so if you are still uncertain, dye it blonde because if you don't like it that much you can easily dye it darker.

Is there a wig store nearby? That way you can try on wigs and get a better idea of which color would suit you.

I love your eye color. If I absolutely had to choose I would say do darkish brown because it will make a dramatic contrast, but be careful not to go too dark and end up with the "shoe polish" look.

Can you try a temporary color that washes out in a few shampoos? That way if you don't like what you see, you can change it. Also, a compromise might be to use two bottles of dye. Streak them alternately onto your hair. That way you will get highlights.

HTH! I'd love to see pictures after you choose and use the dye. Good luck!
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