For those who liked QB Karite Nut Curl Milk, did you ever ..

.find a replacement product that was similar? It was my HG and I thought they were going to develop a replacement product but then the owner change her mind .

So I need something similar!

Well that sucks. I kept wondering when it was going to come out. I really liked the KNM, so that was really disappointing when she discontinued it. And now it looks like the hair tea gel is their only styling product. It also looks like they're focusing more on adding body products instead of more hair products.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07
From what i understand they are focusing more on their main client base which is higher textured curlies rendering the KNCM obsolete.

Hi Delma,

I have been looking for over a year and have found nothing to replace the product. I too loved it, but like everything else that works for me it goes away. My first HG was Boots Curl Cream (original pink) that is no longer available her in the USofA.

Then it was the Karite Nut Curl Cream. I had been checking the Qhement web site weekly for the replacement the owner promised but now I am learning today from this thread that there will be none. I bought some from the CurlMart here when Qhemet stopped selling it and now I am on my last jar!

Then it was the Curls Spiral Curl product that worked well, but as soon as I discovered it the configuration was changed to include silicone so that is my third strike out with a HG.

Do post if you find an equivalent replacement for the Curl Cream. The maker of the product claims that there was no market for it but I find that hard to believe

The maker of the product claims that there was no market for it but I find that hard to believe
Originally Posted by sdl
Same here.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07

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