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I need help! I have 'lurked' the boards for a long time and finally decided to join in on the fun. As a long time fighter of my natural curls, I straightened every day. Now that I'm growing it out, it takes way too long to blow it out, and heck, I'm just plain tired of fighting what I have. So I went to a Deva trained stylist and she went through and taught me a bunch of new techniques and while I'm liking my hair, I don't love it. I'm using Low-Poo, OneC, and Angell right now, but I'm getting a lot of frizz and not too much definition, especially in the back. Any suggestions on where to start? Should I try a cream under the Angell, over it? Oh, I forgot to mention that I have fine hair, but a lot of it. Any tips would be great. I'm trying to stay away from cones too. Thanks!!!!!
For my fine hair, less is more. I use a product my Phyto that you put in soaking wet hair then I get out of the shower squeeze it in a towel and then don't touch it.
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Unfortunately 'less is more' doesn't work well with my hair. I have to have something in it. Volume isn't too much of an issue since I clip my roots while drying. It's the frizz that's discouraging.
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I tried Angell and it always made my hair frizzy and gunky feeling. You may have to try something else - if you've lurked here long and checked out the Reader's Product Review forum, there's TONS to choose from .

Have you tried leaving in some or all of the OneC before applying the Angell? That can work as well or better than a cream leave-in. Also, make sure your hair is still very wet, if not soaking wet.

CurlMart sells Curl Keeper, which is used by many here (including me when it's summer) to help combat frizz. It's expensive but well worth it if it works for you.
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I haven't tried leaving in some OneC yet. I bought the B'Leave In but I'm not crazy about it so I've eliminated that. I had some Pink Boots in the closet that my mom gave me many moons ago and put that in under Angell today and the results were better as far as frizz goes, but I'm still lacking in definition. I have tried CurlKeeper before and really hated it. My hair was awful with it and felt really producty. I'm not getting that with the Angell, but it's just not enough for my hair. I tried mixing it with a bit of Biosilk RHG and that helped with the frizz and definition but killed my volume and I had 'wethead' look all day. The 'success' with the Boots is making me think about some different creams or leave-ins. The product junkie in me is rearing its ugly head!!!
Ah yes .. the PJ monster will get you every time !

Hmmm .. it does sound like your hair might like cream stylers. I tried the Pink Boots, but it almost always left my hair feeling producty. But my hair seems to really like Jessicurl CCSS with a little bit of Re:coil underneath it.

If you're not totally CG, you might want to try Garnier Fructis Soft Curl Cream. Weird to use (rub it between your hands and put it in soaking wet hair), but it's good stuff. The L'Oreal Out of Bed is also a cream/gel styler that gives good volume.

You may also want to try the GF Curl-n-Shine Conditioning Leave-in (or even the Sleek-n-Shine one) as a styler.

So many things to try!!!
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Products: The hair aisle in my own cabinets.
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Best volume winner: LOOB
Can I get those out with Low-poo? That's all I'm using as far as a 'shampoo' goes right now. I'm going to do an Ojon RHT tomorrow and maybe that'll help too with the frizz. I have some damage to deal with from straightening it all the time. I had a sample of Curls souflee and tried that under Angell and have beautiful, well-defined curls, but it weighed my hair down after a couple of hours. So I think I'm going to have to find a cream to put under Angell, it's just a matter of which one! Thanks for your help LavenderCurls!
Yep, those will come out with lo-poo. At least, they do for me.

I like curlkeeper a lot too. You have to use a bunch of it though. I also like the Herbal Essences Totally Twisted mousse. I prefer the mousse because gels tend to be too stiff for my hair. It's good stuff!
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I have a lot of fine hair too. I have to rinse everything out and then put moisture back in if I'm going to kill frizz and get definition, so I don't leave conditioner in ... I rinse it all out and use a leave-in. Angell solo gets gooey on me too, but I like it layered over a creamy leave-in on soaking wet hair (A|G FastFood, John Masters Citrus & Neroli or a glop of Humectress for me).

I also have to "rope" the parts of my hair that would rather frizz than wave or curl. My entire canopy is white and of a totally different (rather unpleasantly different, too - coarse and heavy with a tendency to stick straight out - and my hair is below bsl!) texture than the rest of my head and must be coaxed into shape or I get serious frizz. You didn't mention what you do to style, but I thought I'd add this as it is helpful for me. I also use an Aquis towel and minimize use of my dryer to a quick cold blast on roots and front layers leaving the rest to air dry.

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