I need advice: Robert at Devachan?

I live in Miami and have slightly wavy hair. I am going to be in NYC at the end of April visiting family. I made an appointment at Devachan salon at the 560 Broadway location. I asked for a stylist that is good with slightly wavy hair and they put me with "senior stylist" Robert. [I had to ask for his last name and the attendant did not know it. She got off the line and came back on and said it is Nieves -- if I am spelling that right.] I've now read on this site that a woman got a really bad haircut at Devachan. So I began to worry that "Robert" might be awful. Another person on this site likes Carlos at the Devachan Broome Street salon but does anyone know if he is good with slightly wavy hair? At Devachan's high prices, I'd like to know that my stylist has been recommended as great with slightly wavy hair. Do people out there have recommendations for particular Devachan stylists at either location who do wonders with slightly wavy hair? Thanks for sharing.
Carlos cuts my hair for the last few years, he's great with both super curly and wavy and he never overcuts.

I know Keith has a good reputation and so does Anna.
Thanks. Do you know if Anna or Keith are at the 560 Broadway salon? I've read on this site that Carlos is at the Broome Street shop (although the two salons are located quite close to each other).
I'd like to know about Keith, Anna, and especially Robert, too.
I dont know if Keith moved to Broome but Ana was still at Broadway last that I heard.

The two salons are only 2 blocks apart, and around the corner from each other......like a 3 minute walk.
Witchcurlgirl--have you ever heard of Robert? Curious about him...
After a bad experience at Devachan, I went in last night and saw Robert. He not only fixed my poorly cut hair, but he made me feel like a princess while I was there. He listened to my needs, how I like to style my hair, the look that I was going for, and then he expertly cut and styled leaving me with beautiful curls. He has 9 years of experience cutting curly hair, and is absolutely wonderful. Definitely go with Robert!!!
So are you saying it was Robert Nieves at the 560 Broadway salon that saved your bad cut?
Yep, Robert N was the one. He totally fixed my hair and was sweet and fun. The experience was great! I would recommend Robert to anyone...you'll love him!
Witchcurlgirl--have you ever heard of Robert? Curious about him...
Originally Posted by benthudd
No, I don't know anyone getting cuts by him.

Curls 29 seems to be happy with his fixing her haircut.

Although she should tell us which stylist gave the bad haircut.
Judy was the one who gave me the bad cut. Sorry for not telling everyone the first time around!

Robert cut my hair last night to fix it, and it's amazing! He's fabulous.
Thanks for this stream of information from everyone who contributed. This site is a great resource.

I'm so glad they fixed it for you. I can't even think about how many times I have cried over bad haircuts.

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