Curl clumping, Dreads and Detangling.

Hi all, first off I'd like to say how much this website has helped me, I've been a long time lurker when it comes to learning things and I just made my account today to ask this question because I haven't really found anything on it and I'm concerned. And sorry for a bit of a wall of text.

So when I watch curly hair routine videos, I notice people comb their hair when its wet before applying product. Then they apply product, their hair dries and then they have curls that have clumped together. However when I comb my hair when its wet I lose the curl clumps that have formed when washing. I notice that my curls clump together the best when i dont comb my hair when wet, but just finger detangle.

However, everyone knows that 4A hair can dread if it isn't combed, and I was just wondering, will finger detangling my hair while washing it be enough to prevent dreads? Or do I have to comb it? Because I really like how my hair looks when I just finger detangle as opposed to combing my hair and losing my clumps. Thanks for any help everyone!!
Mine does that when combing too so I stopped. I only finger detangle now. I can't guarantee that your hair won't dread but keeping kinky hair stretched usually keeps it from matting. It's really helpful to section your hair, detangle, then put the section in twists (they can be loose) as soon as you're done to keep the hair from tangling again.
4a/3c, Low Porosity, Fine Texture

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