Please help--the wrong stuff makes my hair look good

Please help. I have 3A fine long curly hair. If I don't comb it after it's dry, it looks curly and thin. If I do comb it with a wide tooth comb, it's full and luxurious. But I know that combing dry hair breaks curls and can cause frizz. Is it really terrible to comb your curls when hair is dry? (I've tried finger combing, but it doesn't do the same as a wide toothed comb.) And if so, is there anything I can do to make it less terrible?

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I think that combing with a wide-tooth comb is OK. That would be very gentle on hair. The problem is regular brushes and combs, which don't allow the hair to clump at all. You are probably creating a little frizz by combing, but it sounds like it is just the right amount of frizz, which equates to more volume. If you like how your hair looks this way, I would certainly keep doing it.
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Sometimes you've got to go against the grain. Just make sure your hair isn't breaking.
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Thank you for the generous and kind response. I feel so much better.

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