Found the line of demarcation! Do I cut?!

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Ahhh. So I began experimenting with my curly hair last year. I had super long and super damaged (heat and bleach) hair w/ no idea of my natural texture. I cut a LOT of it off and dyed it back dark. That helped a lot w/ the damage, but then I continued to flat iron it. This year I've started wearing it curly more and not hating it. It's been like a 3a/3b, very dense and thick. I finally thought I was understanding my hair for a while this summer. Then it started getting weird on me *dry, frizzy, weird curls, etc. So I straightened it for like a week. Now I'm wearing it curly again, but it's been inconsistent again.

Then today I was doing something a little different. I air dried my hair (nothing in it), then went back in w/ sections to wet it, brush it, and apply some deep conditioner. In that process, I SAW IT. The line of demarcation. I thought I was just lucky and didn't have heat damage that affected my texture but rather just had dryness. NOPE. I saw my line of demarcation. I saw the line where my hair went from virgin to damaged. And that line is way far up. I have max like 4" of healthy hair. Then another like 7" or so of damage. I am completely terrified at the idea of cutting my hair and having 4" of hair. Especially because my texture is a looser curl (even the virgin hair... as a kid I always had something closer to a dense wave) and not like cute kinks or coils. And I'm just not confident enough that I have like a Halle Berry face hahaha. I do not have delicate features. Plus it would freak my boyfriend out I'm sure. But I hate that my hair is damaged and it gets tangly and gross. And it seems like so much time to wait for it to grow out to an acceptable length. And obviously I can't keep flat ironing it because that's how I got here in the first place.

SO WHAT THE HECK DO I DO? Does anybody have pictures of cute short curly hairstyles? Do I just grow it out and wear my damage out and proud?
that's a personal choice. when i transistioned my color out (from almost black to white) i cut it shorter than i normally wear it, but not a pixie as i don't have the face for that either.

can you cut some of the damaged hair off and that might help???? maybe 3 or 4 inches? and 4 inches of healthy hair is a good length, and in another 2 months it will be 5 inches.

what would be worse for you, personally, shorter hair or longer but damaged hair. again, it's a very personal choice, no right or wrong.

if you post a photo it would be easier to make suggestions. don't flat iron it. and, use accessories, headbands, clips, or braiding some of it, just to keep length and show the healthy hair. you are at the midway point, so don't lose that time by continuing to flat iron. be patient, you've already have a great start on this journey..
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That's entirely up to you. I'm growing out my own bleach/heat damage, but I can see the line of demarcation, it's 50% dark brown, 50% gray, lol.

I'm not cutting it super short, personally. I've had a pixie a few times, it doesn't suit me and it's a pain to grow out. So I'll keep my hair shorter than I like and hold onto the damaged stuff until the regrowth is long enough.
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