Bald spot ??? Hair loss? help!!

So over the past few months I have noticed a lot of hair shedding in the shower, but I just assumed it was because my hair was super long (down to my waist). I haven't noticed any major thinning, so I figured it was just normal shedding.
A few weeks ago I chopped, and now I am a few inches below shoulders, and everything was fine and dandy.
Until tonight, when I found what I think to be a bald spot (image attached) The photo makes it seem a little bigger than it looks when I look at it in the mirror.
There are also a few small sore-like spots in that "bald spot".
After a small panic, I asked a friend, and she suggested it may be because I part my hair to that side at lot, but I am not sure.
The first five months of this year were extremely stressful, and I am a generally very anxious person. Could I attribute it to that? Or could it be something else?
I started using some new conditioners from Tresemme a few weeks ago, but I have used other Tresemme conditioners before with no issue.
I use sulfates and silicons on my hair, after trying to go full CG for a month I found that using sulfates and silicons simply work best for me.
I am 16 and in general good health with a reasonable diet and reasonable exercise, and I don't spend a ton of time out in the sun.
Is this something I should get checked out?
Does anyone have similar experiences and maybe some solutions?
Thank you so much!
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A bald spot or thinning with skin irritation needs to be checked out by a doctor. That's not just stress or where you part your hair.
CG since May 1, 2016
3a (at the moment), fine, thin, highly porous, no elasticity (bleach and heat damage)
most luck so far with KCKT and KCCC with a little jojoba oil to SOTC *tried diffusing! wow!*
LALSG for high humidity
SM Weightless Texture Spray for refreshing
gelatin PT 2x per week, DT 3x per week

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