Overwhelmed with product choices!

I have 3a curls that I basically don't take very good care of, so they haven't reached their full potential. I've been using Pantene for curly hair for years now, just because it says "curls" on the bottle and I'm lazy

I tried the no-poo routine for a little while and hated it. Maybe I didn't try it long enough? But I think it's just not for me.

So, what on earth do I try next? There is just WAAAAAY too many choices out there! And I do not have an endless supply of money to blow.
I'd love to find something I can buy at Target/Walmart. Every add on this website looks promising, but how do I know what to start with? I wish I could get samples of everything!

If it helps, I have 3a curls, frizzy outer halo, and my hair can handle alot on it without being weighed down. BUT by the next day, it looks so dirty that I have to wash it. That's right. I'm washing everyday--help!
Learning to Love my 3a curls!
Did you clarify before starting no shampoo?
3b-3c CG
How long did you try CG? Sometimes it can take a month for your hair to adjust, or it may be the products you're using. Also, did you actually read the book? It is alot easier with Curly Girl. Experiment with spray gels, curl cremes, and gels. Everyone's hair is different and needs a specified care routine.

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I would jot down a bunch of names of things from these boards [people are always really clear on what's drugstore available and what's not]. Then head to the store and see what's there that fits your budget. Go with picks that a lot of people like, especially people with your hair type.

The reason I can't tell you exactly what to try is because there are lots of products that are basically good starting points, but it's kind of a crapshoot as to what's available where you live and what your hair will like. But most drugstore products don't cost a mint. You should be prepared for some trial and error. None of this is very cookie cutter, in case you haven't noticed!

You could try a very basic routine like the following:
- a non-sulfate shampoo
- a good simple conditioner
- a good medium-hold gel

Make sure to leave in some of the conditioner when you rinse. Gel goes onto very wet hair and get scrunched. No towel-drying. See where this gets you.
I honestly cannot remember if I calrified befored starting CG no poo. Obviously if I didn't that would have made a huge difference! I did it for about 2 weeks. Not very long, I know. Buit my hair was so disgustingly dirty and oily, there was no way I could continue. Either I was doing it really wrong, or it just wasn't right for my hair.
Maybe I'll try again another time...
But first I think I'll go thru and try to decode product names in the 3's hair type forum, write them down, and head to the drug store to see what I can find!
Learning to Love my 3a curls!
I have fine, thick 2b hair that gets weighed down very easily. I have been easing myself into a no-poo routine. I had been poo-ing with a gentle shampoo for a long time and blow drying my hair straight. I then decided to stop fighting it, so I switched to Deva lo-poo, which is a very good option for those who feel they need a little cleansing. I did that for about a week. Today I got a haircut and he did use a sulfate shampoo that is very gentle, so I think I'm all set now to go ahead and try no-poo. I got some suave tropical coconut conditioner that I have read is very good for this. I did it in the shower earlier, and even with all the crap in my hair and the horrible humidity today, my hair is still clean, soft, and shiny. I am going to continue doing this daily, and use lo-poo when I need it.

Strict CG adherence simply does not work for everyone. I think it really depends on other products that you are using. Any build-up appears to be the death knell of CG. If you do decide to try again, start with clarified hair like the others suggested, and at first, do try to avoid non-soluble silicones. Don't give the hair any opportunity to have buildup with these things, until your scalp adjusts and stops producing so much oil (this really does happen, mine is doing great with this, and I never thought it would.)

With all that being said, though, still, some people just need to clarify every once in a while. According to CG, there are non-shampoo ways to do this. It doesn't sound to me like this program is ever intended to leave you with dirty, funky hair, and to me, if you have that, something is not right.

So to make a long story short (sorry this is so long!) my vote is to ease your way back into CG and find what works for YOU, without worrying if strict adherence just doesn't work. Also, the realization that weather changes and even hormone changes can affect how products work in your hair helps too. I swear my hair builds up a 'resistance' to product sometimes, so I keep a rotation on hand.
hope that helps!
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Looking at hair albums, seeing someone whose hair I liked, seeing what she uses...that's where I started. Also I started out with the products in my curl type, but that didn't work as well as I thought it would. Many of the products I use over an over again cross over quite a few curl types
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Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
I have fine, thick 3A hair and I would start by just trying a non-sulfate shampoo, CG conditoner and CG gel. If you are looking for drugstore choices Activate is probably as good as it's going to get as far as a shampoo and conditioner and I like the Aussie Awesome Volume Gel but lots of people like the Herbal Essences gels. If you are willing to order online the Elucence shampoo and conditioner are reasonably priced and very popular and the Batia and Aleeza gel seems to get rave reviews. Another online option would be the whole Mop Top set of shampoo, condtioner and gel or the Batia and Aleeza shampoo, contioner and gel. I haven't tried the B&A stuff but it sure looks great. I do like the Mop Top products. I've also used and liked the Ojon shampoo and conditioner in the past but they are pricier and the conditioner does have the the "a" cone.

This wouldn't really be a CG routine but it might be a way to ease into it and give your hair a break from some of the more problematic ingredients without spending a ton of money.

Good luck,


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