Hair type?

You all probably get really tired of seeing these, but here's another one.

I FINALLY got a Fotki, and uploaded some pictures. Sadly, I don't have a camera of my own, so they aren't the greatest pictures in the world... just ignore my face and concentrate on my hair.

Never really been sure of my hair type- some days I barely have a 2a wave and others it could pass for a strong 3a. There's some spirals, some waves, and a few straight pieces near the nape of my neck. Yay for inconsistancy!

In one, you can see the new uber short hair that I really don't like- I miss my hair...

Anywho, thanks a lot in advance.

Password: wavybaby
I think a wavy --- 2B, maybe.

I think your hair looks awesome. I really like the big, loose waves. I think it will be curlier if you grow some of the layers back out.

Are you brushing/combing? If you are, your hair is probably curlier than you think.

Frizz Happens!

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In most of the pics you look wavy, a 2-something, although it looks a bit curlier in the first pic. Does your hair get curlier when it grows? If so you might be a 3A. Also, depending on how you style your hair, there might be more curls there waiting to happen.
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