Anyone still use CurlKeeper?

I used to use this product when I first found this site. I still have some left under my sink and I'm in the mood try something different, which was why I stopped using it in the first place! I don't remember much about how to use it...would like a refresher course so I'd appreciate any advice or tips!
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YES! I went off it for the winter b/c I was able to use a leave-in which turned out to be cheaper... but now that it's not all cold and dry anymore I've gone back to CK!

I use it as my first layer of products (well, I do a honey rinse first, I'm not sure if that counts as a product or not ). I give a little scrunch or two, so my hair is still soaking wet but not dripping. Then I pour about a tablespoon? full of CK into my palm and apply it (I do my hair in three sections so I use 3 tablespoons in total). Then I apply re:coil and gel.
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I could not live without this stuff!

I was usually off it for winters too until this one. I just left in extra condish.
Now that it's spring, I rinse out all my condish, and put in CK in a variety of different ways:

Sometimes I scrunch in about 7 puddles upside down, sometimes I comb my tangles out and smooth on the same amount then do some twirling then flip and scrunch. Sometimes I smooth on without combing and scrunch after. Sometimes I use Angell on top, sometimes I just use CK. Sometimes I use it with B'Leave in, Angell and Set it free to scrunch out crunch. What ever I do though, I'd NEVER give up my CK!!
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I haven't started up using it again - but I'm with the others that it does NOTHING for me in the winter. I end up with flat, very producty hair.

In the summertime my routine is to scrunch it into very wet hair, and then I scrunch some GF Leave In Cream over it, and let it air dry most of the way.
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I gave it up in the winter, but I may be pulling it back out pretty soon. My all time favorite way to use it is under B&A gel. That was a guaranteed combo for me last summer.
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I can't use this in the winter as I get very flat hair, but it's definitely my summer HG under BRHG. I'm not using it yet, but once the weather really hot & humid, it's the ONLY product that controls my frizz
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I don't need it during the winter, but when it starts getting warmer I pull it out again. I've been starting to use it again here and there and will no doubt use it daily when summer gets here.

I usually use it after my leave-in and when I have time, I try to let it set on my hair for a bit before applying my styler.
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