anyone have a side bang?

If that's even what you would call it.. sounds kinda dirty. lol anyway.. I'm considering adding some side-swept bangs and I'm wondering who has them/if you have pictures/how easy they are to style? TIA!
i think they look really good on anyone but for me they are a great hassle. when i got my hair cut with side swept bangs, i had them cut to the middle of my eye (that is, the middle of my eye when it is straightened) when i styled my hair the next day my bangs shrunk and looked like tiny little curls around my head. it looked horrible!!! anyway, my point is that if you get side swept bangs, you have to always (not always but if you want it to look good) straighten your bangs because if you dont, it looks horrible (but then agian that also depends on your curl pattern. for me, my shorter strands of hair curl WAY more so thats why it looked ridiculous on me). so unless you want to everyday straighten your bangs (which in time your bangs will get burnt and dry from the blow dryer or straightener, it happened to me) then go for it but if not then dont. oh and another thing... make sure you dont cut your bangs too short but dont leave them too long either... the length i would suggest would be about to right under your nose or a little bit shorter...

hope that helped!

I've got them but I do straighten every day (my bangs, not all my hair!). I've been straightening them since I was 16 and am just about to turn 44 so it's really not a hassle for me, just part of my life. I guess they can be a pain if you're not used to them. And luckily, unlike twistedgirl, I've never had a problem with them getting fried, it's the one part of my hair that always looks, and is, healthy. Not sure why as they get loads of heat, guess it's because it gets trimmed regularly.
Look absolutely ridiculous curly btw! (On me).
I've been considering having more bangs cut too. I have a small amount not that I just curl with the curling iron but would like longer bangs that I can sweep to the side or just let blend into my hair if I want.

A friend of mine just got bangs cut into her hair a few days ago, she has straight hair, but I just love the bangs and thought to myself......I want bangs too but will they look good on *me*? I have always loved hair that atleast partially covers my forehead.

Do you have any recent pics of your hair? If I remember right you had yours side parted and partially covering your forehead right?

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I have side-swept bangs - cut shortest just over my right eye, tapering down to meet the rest of my hair on the left side. I'm like Chelle, I like to have at least part of my forehead covered. I don't straighten my bangs, but I'm wavy/curly so they don't shrink up very much. I do a messy part, clip alongside the part for lift, then gently arrange my bangs where I want them. I diffuse for less than 10 minutes total. I usually end up with an S shaped curve with a cute ringlet at the longest end. Works for me:-)
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I should have sideswept bangs, I have a wide forehead. But I never could get them to look right -- they would always get bunchy and weird. So I grew them out. Oh well. Life with curly hair.
I have them...LOVE LOVE LOVE them, but my curl is much looser than most (if not all) of you. I have 2a waves.

Just make sure they cut them right the first time! Back in Nov or Dec, I decided to get them, and I went to a really cheap place that'd I'd never gone to before assuming that anyone could cut bangs, and the girl royaly messed them up. I went to another hair dresser to attempt to fix them. Then when I finally went back to my regular place, she told me I'd just have to grow them out and start over. They just now grew out to where they should be, and I got them cut again this month.

Don't let them cut them straight across. They SHOULD be angled and blended.
I just had mine cut the other night and so far I love them.
I've had side swept bangs for years. My cowlick doesn't lend itself to regular bangs, but my big forehead needs something there. Just a couple weeks ago, I had them cut a little thicker than I've had them in a long time. Once I stopped trying to "do" them, they found the way to curl right on their own. YAY!
I've got them, too. There's a pic in my avatar, but I'll get more pics for you when I do my hair tomorrow. I straighten my bangs, but the rest is curly.
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I'm a "botticelli" and I have side swept bangs. I love them! I have my hair parted on the right and then sweep them to the left. The shortest one is at the bridge of my nose when curly, the curve of my lower lip when straight. I tend to keep them curly more often than not. I would recommend side swept to anyone with a round or round-ish face, as long as you trust your stylist.
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I cut a few shorter bang-like pieces the other day.. I think I like them. I straightened them really quickly after blow drying with a curling iron. Sorry it's black and white..
I love your sidewept bangs, it gives your hair a soft flowing look. What is your routine and product line up now days? I've been gone for quite a long time, I seem to remember that you rinsed upside down but that would surprise me as smooth as your roots are.....I really like the smoother roots and curlier ends look.

Mind sharing your routine with us? It looks beautiful

2a?, using MOP C system hydrating poo, Elucence conditioner, B&A Biomineral and on results....rely most on my curling iron for help
Starmie, do you have pics?
Originally Posted by SoLastSunday152
Sorry, late reply (been working). I'm too insecure to put pics up! Wouldn't have a clue how to do it anyway. Just seen your pic though and it looks good, mine starts off quite short over my right eye, then angles down to the left, reckon there's about 2" difference from one side to the other. Pretty much like linda_m.

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