Can I pull off red hair?

I'm having my hair colored tomorrow. I was thinking of a strawberry blonde like Nicole Kidman. I really trust the judgment of everyone on this board. I appreciate honest feedback.

I've been trying to add a picture to this post, but I guess I'm just not internet advanced enough. My pictures are on my fotki link. The Color album probably gives you the best pictures to judge whether another color would look good.

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I think the strawberry blond would look awesome on you! Basically anyone can pull off red, it just depends on the correct shade. I think you could go anywhere from strawberry blond to a lighter intense red.
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Yeah you'd look nice with strawberry blonde! I like that you have in the color section of your fotki too. I think any shade within that color family would look great!
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Woohoo! I can't wait. I haven't even told my dh yet. I figured I'd surprise him. I promise to post pictures after I have it done.
Fine, blonde 3a botticelli curls
I think that most blondes can go red depending on the shade. It works for me anyway! Good luck!
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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Definitely! Can't wait to see the results.
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I think with your skintone it would look nice

Definitely! I also tend to think most blondes (be it light or dark - I was a really dusty blonde/light brown before I went red) can go red. Make sure you post pictures!
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