Curly Hair at Universal Studios Orlando

Hello all! I'm new to wearing my hair curly - only a week so far - and I just had it professionally colored for the first time. I'm using a sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner and usually wash twice a week. I have a ton of frizz right now....the stylist said my hair is damaged and dry, and my curls only look good the day after I wash.

I'm going to be in Orlando at Universal Studios for a week in mid-October. Since we'll be doing the parks and probably swimming at the hotel pool how should I treat my hair? I thought maybe rinsing my hair out to get rid of the sweat and chlorine, then using leave-in conditioner and plopping every night? I might just put it up in a ponytail most of the time, but I'm worried about what the chlorine will do to the color.
Well, chlorine does affect color. But if you put leave in in your hair before getting in the pool it will keep some of the chlorine out. The conditioner from paul mitchell is a good one for that purpose.
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