View Poll Results: What colour is your hair?
Blonde 10 12.05%
Brown 45 54.22%
Red 12 14.46%
Black 8 9.64%
Grey 0 0%
Other 8 9.64%
Voters: 83. You may not vote on this poll

What colour is your hair?

Mine's natural dark golden brown, although sometimes it really dark brown, sometimes the gold stands out.
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my hair is black.

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for now, a reddish brown. Not as red as the last time I did red.
Mine is dark brown too.
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3b, medium textured, medium thickness, medium porosity, protein sensitive
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I wouldn't trade my color for anything. It's dark red, and it looks highlighted, but I've never had highlights in my life. Now if I could just get it to behave!!!

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It's a medium red color, so I call myself here "Faolin Ruadh". It's Gaelic for "Red Wolf". Won't stay red though, it's growing white! I'll just change my name to "Faolin Bainín".
Very fine, alot of it. Not sure ofType. Wavy. Loving my hair! HG- Boots Curling cream
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well..I hate the color of my hair inside, its just a dull brown. But in the sunlight, I love it! It has strands of red and strands of blonde that just get grabbed by the sun.
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My hair is odd I suppose. It has a lot of dark brown, but it also has strands that are light auburn, red, and blonde all over.
In pictures, it usually looks either dark brown or reddish brown, but in person you can really see the blonde and red.
I always have people trying to come up and touch it and stare at the color.
Black or ..... :P The color of midnite!!
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I don't really know what to call my hair. I don't consider it blonde or brown. It's kind of a honey-golden brown, I guess. Take a look for yourself.
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My hair is really dark brown. I almost forgot how dark it was beause I used to get it highlighted regularly (before I went curly).
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Mine is dark brown with lots of red strands (only visible in the sun) in it.
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Other. My hair is auburn, which is neither red nor brown but red-brown. I also have black and white hair but the overall appearance is auburn....although there are people I know who say it's black and other people who say it's red. It's just weird, is what it is!
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light coppery red.....I love my haircolor!
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Reddish brown, but not true auburn....that last haircolor didn't hold worth a hoot
My hair is black!! Like somone mentioned before- black like midnite!
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new pics added!!
all pics except SUMMER 06 are 2- 3 years old, when i was like 16- 17.
I am stopped short by this question.

Naturally medium to light brown.

Highlighted honey golden blondish-brown.

Jazzing aided Bold Gold mixed with Spiced Cognac.

Looks kinda strawberryish-light -brownish.
I have finally realized I look my best when my hair tells me how it is going to fall, and I just make suggestions.

It's medium auburn right true color is hidden in the poll....
I like having something "down below"
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What would you call it, sci-fi guru?
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don't click this. seriously.

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