almond oil

ive heard that nut oils can be used for dry/frizzy hair

luckily i found some almond oil in my kitchen
should i use this/how should i use this ?
I add a few drops to my condish in the shower for intense conditioning. I also add a couple of drops to my lavendar water spray gel mix for 2nd day hair.
3B, with oodles and oodles of curly hair!
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2nd day hair: Deva Set Me Up pomade & Mr. Right
DT: Devacurl Heaven in Hair
Been CG since 2005 and never looked back!
Funny you bring this up. A guyI work with just mentioned that he uses almond oil to soften his hair and he really likes it.He putsit directly on his hair, a little bit andhe feels it really softens it.
Hair type, thin, 3b, past my shoulders always looking for length. Use jessicurl hair cleansing cream, devacurl one c, angel, set it free, Always see a deva trained stylist for cut and Aveda Institute for color.

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