I'm trying to figure out what is making my hair feel so coarse and hard lately. I'm not sure if it's proteins or product buildup, so, I was browsing through the articles and reading up on product ingredients and came across this regarding polyquats:

Water solubility and build-up
Polyquaternium materials range from water miscible to water soluble, in varying degrees. However, it is important to realize that these are used in products because they form a complex with your hair due to electrostatic interactions. The resultant complex between the hair keratin and the polymer can actually be more stable than any complex that might be formed by attraction between a Polyquaternium polymer and an anionic surfactant such as sodium lauryl sulfate. This means that some of these polymers can be resistant to removal, even with clarifying shampoos. Polystyrene sulfonate, a negatively charged polymer, has been found to aid in removal of these polymers in cases where they are resistant to removal by traditional means. Some studies have shown that Polyquaternium-4 is particularly good about not causing build-up.

I use styling products with polyquats since they seem to provide better hold for my curls but now I'm worried because it seems that what this article is saying that even with shampoo polyquats sometims can't be removed. Am I understanding this correctly?
I've been really trying to cut back on how often I shampoo and only using sulfate free poos.

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