Too much conditioner?

Is there a thing as using too much conditioner with curly hair?
I'm just getting back into using products on my hair to try to get it to look better. I'll add in a picture below of what I'm talking about.
This is Day 1, so it could just be trial and error that gets me where I need to be, but, I feel like my hair is so greasy and heavy today.

My routine before was CO wash with Garnier Fructis, then air dry with no product.

I tried a bunch of new products today, and diffused my hair (in 90 degrees!) and it looks basically no different in terms of volume and curl definition, but is super greasy and flat. The frizz is down, which is great, but every time I touch my hair, my hands feel greasy and when I wash them, they're slimy from product.

Am I using too much conditioner? Should I try one product at a time to see how my hair reacts?
Any other suggestions?

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Thank you!!
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In my opinion, there is no such thing as using too much conditioner in the shower as long as enough of it is rinsed out. Someone may disagree with me. Some people find that the weight of some conditioners are too heavy for their hair. However, you mention that your hair seems greasy and slimy (I'm assuming you mean when it's dry), so that is obviously a problem. Things to consider:
1. You cowash with garner fructose? Doesn't that have silicones? If so, they do need to be removed with a sulfate shampoo. Shea Moisture won't do it. That could be weighing your hair down and causing the slimy greasy feel.
2. Try smaller amounts of products. Or try just one at a time if that doesn't work.
3. If all the above fails, your hair may not be suited for Shea Moisture and Cantu products. Try shea Moisture weightless line if you want to continue the more natural route (I have never tried this line. It is a suggestion only.)
Your hair is super long as well, so the length itself will weigh it down and prevent too much volume. Let me know if you have any more questions. Best of luck!
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I have very fine hair, and I have to be very careful how much Shea Moisture I use as it leaves my hair greasy feeling, oily looking and a little weighed down. Which may be a similar situation to you. Your hair may just not like the oils and butters in the Shea

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That Cantu curling cream is SUPER heavy and moisturizing! I can only use about a pea-size amount in my hair, and even then it's too much most of the time. Also Shea Moisture is too heavy for me. I would go back to your usual routine, then try one product at a time to see how it works.
A good clarifying would probably clear it up. You'd be more able to see if it is in fact your products. I clarify once a month or suffer dry hair as the buildup accumulates.
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I also cowash but I use the cowash by Bella Curls. They also have a curl defining creme which isn't as heavy as the cantu and shea moisture and its also a natural product line free of sulfates and other stuff. Here's a link to the Bella Curls product line at Target
I found that my hair does not like anything shea butter. If the product has shea butter in it then my hair feel like it has product buildup on it. You might want to try something that does either does not have shea butter or has shea butter in smaller quantities (lower on the ingredient list).
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