i need your helpful hints for growing hair out

so i've started watching LOST, and because Kate and Claire's hair is always so stunning, i've decided that i need to grow my hair long again.
why do the eyes roll? because i grew it long while i was pregnant, and after owen was born my hair started shedding out and i was TERRIFIED of looking like a mom, so i cut it to a shorter fun funky cut.

so now i want it long again. i want the long romantic curls. the half pulled up pile of curls with cute little curls hanging around my face. the pile of curls on top of my head. the adorable curly messy bun. the long curly pony tails. everything. i want it all....
it seems like some people can grow their hair long overnight without even trying, where others (like myself) feel like it takes FOREVER to get it long.
so i'm looking for helpful hints to long hair.

how often do you trim?
do you trim at all?
what special treatments do you do?
do you wear your hair up a lot?
how do you get past the weird shoulder length period and down to the long cascades of curls?
do you get layers put in? or do you keep it all pretty much the same length?
how often do you shampoo? do you shampoo? what kind do you use?
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I think the most important thing you need to do when growing out your hair is to your mane from damage. Here are my suggestions:

* avoid chemical processing

*don't blowdry, if you must use a diffuse set to low heat

*only use gentle hair care products

*sleep on a silk pillowcase

*don't brush you hair

* keep it well moisturized

*avoid barrettes, rubberbands, or any other accessories that could cause damage. Most hair sticks and scrunchies work well though.

*take a good mulitvitamin

*get your hair trimmed every 10 weeks

* eat plenty of protein, especially fish

Thats all I can think of for now. I hope it's helpful for you. Good luck.

I'm in the process of growing my hair long, very long. I agree, and do all the things glofit suggest. I haven't trimmed my hair in 6 months and still don't need it, but my hair is in good condition. I have no layers and no slpit ends. If I start to see splits or my ends start looking scraggly I'll trim, it's just a personal decision everyone's different. For me the main thing is keeping my hair well moisturized, and NO BLOW DRYERS!

As far as getting through the difficult growth stages, which there will be more than one depending on how long you go. From shoulder on for several more inches I put mine up in a peacock style, or french twist using a claw clip or Ficcare clip. Put it up messy for casual and romantic, or bring all the hair up for sleek and professional. This can actually be a very good length phase.
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Im growing mine out now too...but I think Im a bad example...

I always have to have it off my neck for work so its always in rubber bands.

I have side bangs and layers and dont trim it unless I need to.

I shampoo every other day

I sleep on normal pillow cases

I color my hair every few months to cover my darned greys

Um...oh yea and I swim in clorine often

But i think that if you want to grow it out you ahve to enjoy every stage or else you will just get frustrated with it and hack it off again before it reaches your desired length. Mine is at the wierd shoulder length and instead of being annoyed I went out and got it styleed for this length, I love it!! It covers my shoulders and looks cute, and I know that I dont need that much upkeep, I just keep letting it grow and once it gets unruly Ill get it styled again without taking much length. Its a process
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I'm growing mine out, and the suggestions here are good, even though I don't follow them all. I color and diffuse dry. When wet/straight, I'm right around 30 inches in length. I just don't like the look of wet hair at work, and I am not waitng 8 hours for it to dry.

It *is* possible to grow longer healthy hair doing the above, it's just harder.

I get trimmed about 3-4 times a year and I have recently started snipping off my own splits.

I put my hair up sometimes. If it's military, it's totally different. My military hairstyle has to be more strict with few tools, so I can have more isues with damage from that than I get with blow drying or coloring.

For non military updos, I like the styles from the book "Stricly Curls."

I see lovely braids and buns on straght/wavy lonhaired folks, but they just don't seem to look as nice on the curlies to me. I think curlies need different updos that straighties.

I have some layers to avoid pyramid head. I am thinking of getting more layers in the back because the length is starting to pull out my curl in the back. If I had to chose, I'd rather have curl than length, so I'll stop growing it out at the point where I can't keep the curl. I don't want long scraggly hair.

I Low-Poo when I feel I need it - about once a month. I condition 5-7 days a week. My hair has been dry and coarse since childhood, so I DT once a week most week, sometimes twice.

I sleep in a loose bun on a satin pillowcase. If I am trying for seond day hair, I sleep in a pineapple.

I take a multivitamin and fish oils for my body, so I figure it'll work for my hair too. I'm a quick grower, so I guess it helps.

Shoulder length was awkward for me. I used a lot of clips.

Oh, I make my barettes safer my following the instructions here

Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
I am trying to grow out mine also. The advice is great, altough I also diffuse like redcelticcurls. My would take hours to dry and I mean hours. Unless its summer, but right in NJ it's 39 degree and raining
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Ugh, I hear ya b/c I did the SAME thing with my first. My hair was SO long when I was pregnant, and I chopped it all off really short and layered.

Okay, then I knew I hated it, so I grew it out for my wedding, and once again it was very long, but some hairdresser talked me into chopping it again, so there I was stuck w/ short hair again.

Then when I got pregnant again, all I could think about was how long my hair would be getting if I had just left it alone the first time!!

I've been growing it out again, and it's almost to shoulder length. I'm determined to not cut it, no matter how cute and easy other short cuts look to me!

I'm no silicone, and I only poo about twice a month at the most. I condition a ton, and use leave in's b/c my hair is still so dry and damaged between relaxing last year, and continuous coloring.

I do lots of split ends trims.
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Have you thought about hair supplements? There are a couple threads about hair supplements on the Growing Out board. I take biotin along with my multivitamin. So far, I've only noticed that my nails are stronger and grow faster - nothing with my hair yet. I've only been taking it for about two months, though. I do daily scalp massages, take it easy on the blowdryer, always use leave-in conditioner on my ends. My hair is at shoulder-length, and I'm happy that I can now wear a ponytail without a million bobby pins.

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