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How much do you apply to your hair? Do you apply it in sections or all at once? Do you tilt your head over and apply? I'm trying to figure out if I am using too much. TIA!
I apply it upside down, to fairly wet hair, all in one section. I do one small squirt then scrunch it up into my hair. I don't put any on the very top or sides as I don't need much hold there. A little definitely goes a long way. Start small!
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I'm a joiwhip newbie but I've been applying 1 squirt (grows to about kiwi fruit size), all at once, start at roots and work to ends, head hanging upside down. I do a leave-in first on very wet hair, then CurlKeeper, then squeeze out excess liquid with hands then JoiWhip. Then I pat a little gel on top. That's way more products than I've been using, but it's been working.
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I use about a baseball size in pretty wet hair, but with some water scrunched out.
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My hair's a bit past shoulder length and I use maybe a tennis ball size amount. Divide it between both hands and work it into my (wet, in the shower) hair from roots to ends. I kind of rake and squeeze it in, no scrunching.

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