I been looking into Ouidad's website and see they say dont put layers or thin out hair. While everytime I gotten a hair-cut I got long layers and thinned out my hair. I have a lot of hair. I get a lot of headaches. I havent cut my hair in about 6 months and I my hair is in need of help. Can anyone help me I need to know if I should put my long layers back or no? Also looking for a hairstylist in my are. (Reedley, Ca my hair type is 3b-c my hair is a little past my shoulders
Edited due to a cyberstalker. Sorry, guys.

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I cannot believe you are from Reedley! I grew up there until I was 8, then moved to Dinuba. And then back again when I was an adult. I have now made the BIG move to Fresno. What a small world. I remember when the McDonald's went in - that was a big deal lol.

Can't really help you with any stylists as I'm still trying to find one. But my hair is really thin already, so that's not an issue. Hopefully someone can point you in the right direction!

Nice to see another central valley gal!
3a/3b thin, just to the shoulders Modified CG 3/06; still working on a routine de jour
koukla72 Thanks for the link. I tried to find those salons but I think there that in busines anymore. I will just need to see if anyone that lives in this area can tell me of someone to use.

talltwinmom,nice to see another central valley gal also. I lived here on my life, I like to go to fresno on weekends. I hope someone can help me

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