Plopping and waves, does it work?

I'm a 2a/2b (not really sure...) and i just learned about plopping and was wondering if it would do anything for me, and also my curls/waves fall out by the end of the school day, but lately i haven't put anything but frizz control in it, think garnier fructis curl shaping spray gel will fix that? or do i need something more?
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I find that plopping does work well with my waves. I use a TurbieTwist because I haven't found a microfiber towel yet that doesn't give me frizz.
By plopping, I am able to get some curls and good wave definition and although the curls do loosen up over the course of the day, I still have good waves when all's said and done.
You might want to go over to the 2 board and check out the thread "Woes of a Wavie" (I think that's the title of it). There's a number of pages there discussing the different things wavies face as opposed to full on curlies. Very helpful stuff for understanding and accepting your specific hairtype.
I've tried using harder hold gels to retain curl longer but I don't find that it works well for me. My curls still fall out and my waves can't move and flow like they want to. Wavy hair does change over the course of the day and from day to day. That's just it's nature. I find that I'm better off with a more flexible gel. I'm *loving* Loreal Tightly Wound Spray Gel. I don't use the spray, just put a blob in my hand and use it like a regular gel. It gives me good definition, wonderful shine, and flexibility. If I go totally flat later in the day (which usually doesn't happen with the LTW even though it's lighter hold) or the next morning, I wet my hands and scrunch the ends damp. This seems to perk the waves back up and reactivate the gel nicely. Works a million times better than spraying my hair to dampen/refresh it.
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thank you so much, i'm just really worried about gels getting hard, even mousse does that to me.
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I use a good bit of LTW and it doesn't get crunchy or hard on me. Once my hair is fully dry it's a little more defined but not as fluffy as I'd like but a quick scrunch fixes that right up. I get really soft shiny hair with this one.
For most gels, if you get hard hair, you can usually scrunch that crunch out once your hair is dry. Don't try to scrunch it before you're completely dry though because that tends to cause frizz.
I haven't had much luck with mousse myself.
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers
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~a wave in a sea of curls
well i just went shopping and i didn't have a lot of money, so i bought aussie's ride the wave stuff, and i'm gunna try and use the garnier fructis curl stuff until i can earn the money for that LTW. right now it's soaking wet, i'm scared to touch it right now because it looks kinda nice, i'm gunna try the plop with some aussie ride the wave frizz control (flexible hold... maybe it'll be like LTW) and then in the morning (it'll still be damp) i'm gunna put in some GF and see what happens ^_^ . i'll come back to tell if it works or not

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Have no clue what i'm doing lol
Hi there!

I'm mainly a wavy who has just finally been able to begin plopping (hair was not quite long enough yet). So far, I've only tried with Re:coil and Joico (Ice Whip) mousse and Curl Keeper and the Joico, and have had really good results.

I can typically get 3A curls with the products I use anyway, but plopping is giving me more volume and longer lasting curls throughout the day.

I go straight from plopping to diffusing and do that for about 10 minutes or so. After my hair is dry, I wet my hands and add a little mousse and scrunch my hair. That's been working well, so far.

Tomorrow I'm going to try plopping with my siggy combo and see how that works. I need to remember to add plopping pics to my Fotki !
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