OK, I have a question, and I may not ask this with the correct terminology, but here goesÖÖ.

How do you keep your hair healthy so that it accepts moisture from conditioners????

Whenever I start using a product, it will work great for a while, and I can feel my hair soaking up the conditioner. I have a few weeks, of wonderfully feeling hair which curls well & feels very healthy.

And then, all of the sudden itís like my hair stops accepting moisture. It starts to feel slippery & smooth & doesnít soak up the conditioner like it used to. And once itís done that then my hair doesnít look full anymore, it will still curl, but itís more lifelessÖ..

I donít know if that makes any sense, but itís frusterating the heck out of me.

I noticed it this time right after I got my hair colored. They donít use shampoo there, but they do use an herbal seal on my hair, which is supposed to seal in my color. Could it be sealing down my hair enough so that it wonít take the moisture from the conditioners? I shampooed once after that to see if it helped at all, but there has been no change.

Or could it be a buildup from the acone thatís in the G & F leave in conditioner that Iíve been using?

Help! Iím getting so frustrated. Iíll have great hair for a few weeks & feel like I finally have this all figured out & then itís like my hair & the products have a disagreement & decide they wonít play nice anymore. And then Iím back to the drawing board to find new products.

Any wisdom from the wonderful ladies on this board?????
OK, the more I think about this, I think that I need my cuticle to opened up some.

I'm wondering if it's really not the products that I'm using that's causing me problems, but instead that once a month my hairdresser is using a herbal sealer on my hair, which closes up my cuticle & then my hair can't soak up the conditioner anymore.....

Ok, here is my evidence/theory
When the cuticle is open, my hair soaks up conditioner, has lots of wonderful volume, but tends to tangle somewhat (which doesn't bother me).

Now, after my hairdresser uses the herbal sealer, my hair won't soak up conditioner, my hair feels slick/slippery, doesn't have volume & won't tangle at all.

Does my theory make any sense?
So, anyone know how to open up your cuticle?
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Yes, I can and plan to do so. In the meantime I need to use something to open the cuticle back up again.

Any ideas on how to do that?
Try doing an ACV rinse (about 1 part apple cider vinegar to 2-3 parts water, I do 2 parts myself, so say half cup ACV to 1 cup water, distilled or spring is even better) and see if that helps, and then follow with a good moisturizing conditioner. I usually pour the mix in a bowl that is big enough for me to dip my whole head in, that way I can let the lengths of my hair sit and swish aroud in it for at least a good minute.
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I agree that a fairly strong ACV rinse might work well for you. As an added bonus, ACV leaves your hair nice 'n shiny in addition to added volume of a clean slate.
Baking soda rinses work well for some people but they can be harsh and leave your hair more roughed up than ACV.
Lemon juice + conditioner can be a good clarifier as well. I'd put it in between ACV and BS on harshness.

Definitely ask you stylish to skip that treatment next time and you might want to lay off that leave-in and try something lighter w/o silicone for a while to see if that helps.
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Thanks for the suggestions! I'll try an ACV rinse tomorrow morning & see if that helps.

As far as the other recipes go, anyone know if they affect the color of your hair? I think I read that the lemon rinse can cause your color to fade - is that true and would the baking soda recipe have a tendency to fade your hair as well?

I'm really hopeful that the herbal sealer is what's causing the problem. It would be an easier solution than trying to figure out why hair products all of the sudden stop working for me!

Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow morning......
Thanks for the advice!
Lemon and BS can be harsh on haircolor but I haven't found that to be true with ACV.
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers
pwd: hair

~a wave in a sea of curls

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