I Want to Weigh Down My Hair

Seems that most hair products stress on their labels that they don't weigh hair down.

I am looking for products/techniques to weigh my hair down any thoughts curlies?

4a, deep waves and pensprings.
Boots Pink Curl Creme for sale, Please PM me.
In my experience, weight comes from:

1. Length. So keep growing it until it hangs how you like it.

2. More product. Use more than it says on the bottle, this is my general rule. Saturate each and every strand, basically.

3. Heavier products. Glycerin products, for example. I could never use too much glycerin without looking like I had a curly perm, but for example Curly Pudding is a product the concept of which is to bring the weight to lay your hair down.

4. Layered product. For years I wore my 3c/4a curl in a ponytail gelled down with that brown protein gel, all though college and the following years. I was only finally able to wear my hair out when a hairdresser explained to me the three-step method: leave-in conditioner, gel saturation, and then a finishing product. Pre-CG, it was always some kind of rich silicone product (Aveda Universal Styling Creme was the best one I ever found, that was an outstanding product); but now that I'm on teh CG method, I finish off with just a dab of oil.

5. Finally, there's always clips. Attach some clips to the ends of your curls while they dry, and they will lay down, at least for a while.

Wow thanks St. Louis Blue!

Nice advice.

1. I'm growing my hair out

I am going to try the three step method tomorrow. Any gel recs?

Oh Curly pudding(that would be considered the finishing product right?)
I have to try it. I got a free sample ot that from Mowtown Girl.

Thanks Mowtown! Thanks again St. Louis Blue
4a, deep waves and pensprings.
Boots Pink Curl Creme for sale, Please PM me.
No, I think of Curly Pudding as the main gel product. I realize my post was a little confusing; I named examples of the finishing product because I think it's less self-explanatory. In any case, on the Curve Salon site they explain in detail how to use their products.

You should examine the threads here and in the type-boards for gel recommendations. I use Devacurl Angell, which I like fine, although it is definitely not heavy. With the Devacurl products, I rely on the left-in conditioner to provide the weight. That said, on this program my hair is just not as weighed down as it use to be because it's too fine on their own and there just aren't enough silicones; I'm ok with this these days as a style matter, but it was a challenge when my hair was much shorter. There's always the clips.

When I was not so averse to silicones, the best gel I found was Ouidad Climate Control Heat and Humidity gel, that stuff worked like armor, it's high but living in the South, I thought it was worth every penny. I could count on my hair looking good, even if it was raining outside, believe it.

Before I discovered that, I used Paul Mitchell . . . I forgot the exact gel. IT was clear and pretty thin, nearer to watery than the other gels. Also, the one with the apple on the bottle was ok. Their heavy duty gels flaked something fierce. I followed both the Climate Control and the Paul Mitchell gel with the Paul Mitchell foaming pomade (just a dab will do ya', take my work on that), until I discovered the Aveda Universal Styling Creme, which as I said I thought was an outstanding product (again, just a dab. It worked wonders, I have no idea why.)

For leave ins, when using silicones I used plain ole' Infusium 23, which worked alright or Avlon Humecto Creme Conditioner if there was any money leftover after buying the Ouidad.

Good luck!

ETA: The Paul Mitchell was called Hair Sculpting Lotion.

Creamy leave-ins weigh down my hair: Curl Junkie Thick and Luscious Banana and Hibiscus Honey Butta, Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Styles, Curls Whipped Cream, Oyin Whipped Pudding.

Some gels that will elongate the curl (or coil) - Kinky Curly Curling Custard, Sebastian's Wet gel.

kdcreigh 4a and b (who knows?)

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Thanks curlies.

I followed the advice that both of you gave and had a good hair day even in the rain.

Hollywood beauty carrot creme
Smooth and Shine curl activator gel-for Extra dry hair
Fantasia gel-the blue one

curls weighed down and elongated!
4a, deep waves and pensprings.
Boots Pink Curl Creme for sale, Please PM me.

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