Am I about to do something I'll regret? *updated w/ pics*

I got a new blowdryer a few weeks ago that came with a pretty good diffuser so I can speed up the drying process occasionally when pressed for time (I've only used it a couple times so far).
Well, it also came with an attachment for straightening and I've been curious how well this particuler dryer would work for that.
I'm going out tonight and I'm seriously considering straightening my hair. I know that some curlies/wavies go back and forth regularly but I haven't actually straightened in over two years. I don't use 'cones either but if I'm going to straighten I was thinking I might borrow the Giovanni serum my mom just bought with the c-cone and dimethicone in it in hopes of a little heat protection.
I did an oil treatment last night. Jojoba and rosemary on the length and a little almond on the ends and I've had it braided and absorbing since.
Do you think it'll make my waves all wonky again for a few washes? Can the c-cone be removed with a sulfate free 'poo or ACV or am I looking at a possible sulfate wash on the whole length?

I'm also kinda afraid of people seeing my hair straight. Sometimes I comb my waves out and it looks pretty straight but I usually scrunch in more curl and now (since I mentioned it) the BF is curious to see it straight and the gal I'm going out with straightens hers, her BFs and her friend's so I'm sure she'll see it as an improvement over the curls.

Anyway, I'm just looking for opinions, the info on the c-cone and possibly someone to talk me out of it... lol
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers
pwd: hair

~a wave in a sea of curls
I think it would be a nice change to straighten it every once in a while, I say go for it. Do you think that you could use some of the other oils, jojoba etc, instead of the serum w/ cones?
I had considered just using oils. When I diffuse, I like to use a little jojoba afterward to counteract the fact that I get less shine than air drying. I just thought that maybe the cones would help protect my hair from heat damage better than the oils. I'm not sure if that's actually the case or not though.
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers
pwd: hair

~a wave in a sea of curls
I forgot to mention... my other fear is that I'll do a really crappy job. I haven't straightened in over 2 years plus I've never had my hair this long, much less straightened this much length so I guess I'm afraid I'll suck at it now.
Hey, no one would tell me I should keep it straight if I did a bad job though, right?
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers
pwd: hair

~a wave in a sea of curls
Do you have a straightening iron? They help so much, if you don't have one, maybe you could borrow one. Or have someone help you straighten it. My sisters love to get a hold of my hair and straighten it, but I only let them every once in a blue moon, it is nice to get pampered though.
I do think I kept one straightening iron but it was never that great in the first place. Better than the other ones I had though.
I still have my big round brush (mixed boar and plastic bristles), oval paddle brush (same), one old straightening iron and a couple large barrel curling irons. I used to use a large curling iron to straighten my hair because I liked it to turn under but I doubt that would work with my current length. And I did go get the serum from my mom.

Straightening one's hair really shouldn't be this exciting or seem this dangerous, huh?
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers
pwd: hair

~a wave in a sea of curls
back in the old days before straigntening irons were popular, I used a big barrel curling iron as well. Just be sure to do it in small sections, it will work better. Good luck doing it and I hope it looks good.
It went well. Apparently I'm still pretty handy with a dryer and a big round brush because I didn't have to touch anything up afterward. My friend thought I'd used an iron on it though.
The Giovanni serum was great. I had zero frizz and zero recurling. I didn't even need to apply any at all afterward. I didn't get the i-just-straightened fluff or anything and I only used a tad on my wet hair. I'm impressed enough to pick up a bottle of my own to have on hand.
I liked that it looked/felt longer. I like that it has the two 'cones, a little soy protein and some rosemary but not a long list of other chemicals like so many of the serums.

Had a fun night and ran into an old friend from middle/high school. Going to his brother's wedding reception this afternoon so I'm thinking about doing it again. Just for today and then I'm gonna let it rest a while again.

I can't believe I used to go through that daily though! Especially since I had so much more hair then. *whew* a good blow-out is a chore.
It did make it easier to dust my ends though.

And of course everyone loved it and said it looked "better" straight. :P *sigh* But I expected that.
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers
pwd: hair

~a wave in a sea of curls
So happy for you, I am really glad you had a good experience with straight hair. It seems people always like straight hair better, but honestly I think that straight hair all the time is quite boring. It is nice to be able to wear it curly or straight. How long did it take you to do it?
Yeah, I'm actually pretty bored with it already. I enjoyed the feeling of the waves I had this morning after a little wash last night but it'd take another couple of stylings to get the clumping and full definition back and I wanted more predictable hair for this afternoon so I went ahead and straightened it again. Plus I didn't have enough time for curls to fully air dry.
Since the flat all over thing was getting to me by now, I pulled a bit of the front back around the sides with little clips. Looks pretty cute. I've attempted to take pictures so I'll see how those turned out later.
I think it took me about 40min today, probably a little longer yesterday because I started with wetter hair and had to take a couple arm resting breaks. ;P
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers
pwd: hair

~a wave in a sea of curls
Pain is beauty, or is it beauty is a pain? LOL The things we do to make our hair beautiful, and I feel that only curlies can understand both sides of the spectum. The straighting is a pain/or is it beauty? And all the work(pain) we go through to make our curly hair gorgeous.
Finally resized a few pics of it straight. I'll just post links so I don't overload anyone's page.

This is the second time before the reception:

And the first night:

one of the back:

I'm looking for a good curly/wavy one to compare it to... I'll find one after class.
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers
pwd: hair

~a wave in a sea of curls
I think it looks very pretty & shiny. What does your hair normally look like? I love the length
Oh it looks so good, can't wait to see the curly hair though.

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