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Has anyone tried the products from Mixed Chicks? I'm Puerto Rican and they seem to have an excellent client base consisting of women with "pelo malo" I just want to know if I anyone has had some experience with them before I order any of their products.

Also, they don't list the ingredients in their website. Is this common?

Thanks in advance!
I have not tried them, but the ingredients are available here: http://www.curlmart.com/Mixed-Chicks-p-1-c-37.html. Keep in mind their products are quite protein-heavy, in case your hair is protein sensitive.
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Hmm...Thanks for the heads up! I honestly don't know how my hair will react to the protein, but thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for the link.
Out of curiousity, what are some of the side-effects of having hair that is sensitive to protein?
I use the leave in and love it. Your comment of "Pelo malo" (bad hair) is very funny. I understand spanish. Didn't like the shampoo or conditioner. But I really like the leave in. Not too sure what protein does to hair though. Hopefully some of the other girls will fill us in.
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Thanks for the tip! Score one for the leave-in! I purchased the Cat Walk Curls Rock leave-in, and it just didn't do the trick. My hair wasn't conditioned enough. Hopefully this stuff will work!

My sisters and I joke around about having "pelo malo" all the time, so it's just second nature to use that term! I come from a long line of curlies!
Out of curiousity, what are some of the side-effects of having hair that is sensitive to protein?
Originally Posted by prettylillizzy
Hello! I'm protein sensitive.

If I use conditioners with protein, my hair feels very dry and strawlike. It also becomes very hard to wet comb and very difficult to detangle. It dries less curly, straw dry, and more frizzy than I normally would be.

I'm OK if I use something once a week if it is also very moisturizing, like EMBC or TooShea!, but that's about it. If it has protein, but only normal conditining properties, I cannot handle it at all.

Some people are only sensitive to certain proteins. It is common for people to have issues with wheat, but be OK with silk or soy, or the Brewer's yeast in EMBC.

Some are OK with low protein products such as Too-Shea!, but cannot handle proteins high up in the list.
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