SOOOO long to dry!! HELP!

Before I took 10 inches off my hair, it took FOREVER to dry (like at LEAST 2 hours).....and I thought I would be golden cutting it....but I am not...exactly.

Yeah, I am having an easier time, overall....BUT it is still taking me this long (and really...closer to three hours now) to just let the thing air-dry!!!!! It is madness! I've got two kids under 3 and I just can't take that time so most days, my hair goes up (pony tail or something).

Part of the reason why I think it is taking longer to dry is because I am not letting the towel sit on my hair as long as I used to to soak up the water. I do not have anything mircrofiber-ish and I've read many people say that they put the products on their hair when it is nearly soaking wet.

So naturally, that is going to take me MUCCHHH longer to dry.


Help me. Are regular towels REALLY so bad that I shouldn't be using them for very long???

And...forget the arm will go dead holding it for as long as it would require me to with this thick stuff on my head!
It used to take me all day to air-dry my hair and it wouldn't be fully dried til dinner time. Now my routine is a little better and it's dry by mid-morning. I put my JC RR in dripping wet hair, scrunch out a lot of the water, scrunch w/ a microfiber towel (btw, you can find those in the auto department of Walmart near the car cleaning stuff!), scrunch in more RR and Loreal TW, plop for as long as it takes me to get dressed and do my face and then diffuse for about 15, 20 minutes until I get bored with it or it gets crunchy whichever comes first. LOL I HAAAAATTTTEEEE blow drying my hair, always have. After all this it only takes about an hour to completely dry and then I scrunch out the crunch.

Now, I'm sure I'll have to figure out the whole thing all over again once I have my baby in July. If my other 2 are any indication, I'll be lucky if I get a shower AT ALL!!!
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Just play around and see what works for you. I like to put my leave-in conditioner into wet hair, but then I'll wait a bit and/or scrunch with paper towels before putting in my mousse/gel/cream/whatever. Makes it dry a bit faster and I still get great frizz control.

Also, I still use a regular towel. I even wrap my hair up turby-style after a shower, but only for about 3-5 minutes. I certainly don't rub my hair with it, though. I just squeeze out the water, wrap the towel around, then carefully unwrap to start applying products. My hair just looks too flat if I put everything into soaking wet hair.
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plopping or scrunching it out with a microfiber towel really does make a difference! You should give it a try
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