Fotki warning

Hi everyone,

I know lots of you guys are computer savvy, so I hope I'm not talking out of turn here, but recently when I have been checking out my fellow curlies, I have been receiving ads from the fotki site that tell me my hard drive is infected, that I have been visiting dodgy websites, and that I need something called "driveclean". My husband is a computer engineer, and he has experienced Driveclean, and it is nothing more than Spyware that infects your PC, tells you that you have problems, asks you to download more dodgy files to "fix" the problems,when the only problem you actually have is Driveclean itself. It is a mean one to get rid of too, from what he tells me.

So, I just thought I would post this heads-up, in case the advert worries anyone enough to make them click the "yes" button. It does look very legitimate, it has Microsoft "look" about it.

Anyway, just in case

Liz x
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But then again, too few to mention...
That's just spam to try and get you to buy things. Just ignore the ads they're not for you everyone gets those.
I tried to x out of one of those and of course it took me to a page I was like Doh! I fell for it!
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Yeah, I'm quite up on compters and the internet, and generally know a dodgy ad when I see one. I was just thinking there might be people here who haven't come across these before. Hubby gets lots of customers with messed up machines from those spyware products, and Driveclean is a pretty nasty example.
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

But then again, too few to mention...
Very good advice, and, as spyware companies make their ads look more and more legit, it's definitely a good thing to point out.
What annoys me is that buzzing mosquito ad on the side.

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Ewww yeh, that mosquito is annoying, I wonder if they actually get any business from that!!!!
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

But then again, too few to mention...
OMG. I hate that ad. I turn my speakers off b/c it gives me such a headache! ~~jax
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Thanks for the warning. If you get the Firefox browser and add Adblock Plus and NoScript, you won't be bothered by ads anymore. Also, make sure NOT to use the Spybot anti-spyware program. The company that makes Spybot actually produces spyware, and the program will do next to nothing to protect your computer. You can get the trustworthy AdAware--including a free edition--here.

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