Anyone using "curls"


My PJ is rising up again!! ARGH!!!

Is anyone using the curls range? I'm so tempted by the sulfate free cleanser, the tea condish and the spirals cream (looks like lots of lovely ingredients with a couple of cones low down on the list... very tempting!!)
This is like dipping your toe in a tub of bathwater to see how warm or hot is is, but here goes. Curls had some great products in the beginning it seemed, and some people still love and are loyal to their line, but unless you don't mind that their products seem to get a completely ingredient makeover every so often, then I wouldn't advise getting hooked on something that will most likely change. My last straw for them was when then changed up their Hair Tea conditioner. It was a fabulous product for me until then. Not to mention they've redone their Spiral Cream about 2-3 times. Let's just say it got to be a little bit of a touchy subject around here after so many changes in the ingredients.
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07

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