View Poll Results: How many things have you changed because of what you learned here?
None, my routine works fine 3 2.33%
One 2 1.55%
Two or three 14 10.85%
Lots 49 37.98%
Changed everything! 61 47.29%
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Poll: what have you changed because of

I've changed just about everything in my hair routine:

Stopped brushing before showering
Started combing in the shower
Stopped shampooing
Started plopping
Started diffusing
Changed all my products
Acquired a big assortment of products!
i stopped brushing.
i only comb in the shower.
i finger comb my hair regularly.
i condition more intensively, and i use a whole lot more conditioner.
i'm even more picky about what goes on my head.
i'm more careful with handling my hair.
i dumped everything Aussie! yay!
i don't mind paying 10 bucks or more for hair care products
i have A LOT of hair care products.
i think i relate to my products almost as mini love affairs
i think my hair is worth all of this attention and isn't a pain to take care of
i look forward to caring for my hair!
i feel good about my hair, and i don't mind a bit of frizz now and then!!!

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

4a, mbl, low porosity, normal thickness, fine hair.
The only thing I was doing right before I found NC was not brushing my hair. Everything else was so wrong! Thank you NC and members for showing me the error of my ways!
I have 3A hair. I've discovered Jessicurl shampoo and Too Shea conditioner and I'm thrilled! Long-time LA Looks sport gel user.
I've stopped using anything with cones in it.
I gave up my Kiehls Creme.
I use cheap products that do wonders for my hair.
I use only gel in the morning.
I use clips along the part for lift.
I stopped using shampoos with sulfates.
I was able to let it start growing with some length!!!

My hair has never been better!!!
Before I never brushed and I'd finger comb in the shower, and I already knew to put product in soaking wet hair.
I've changed some of the products I use though - now I know not to use things with drying alcohols in them, because they make my hair feel so dry by the night-time or next day. I also learned about plopping which I use occasionally, and I learned how to diffuse. I never diffused before because hairdressers had done it to my hair before with disastrous results, so I thought it would never work for me.
Oh and I started using conditioner
I've found lots of great product and technique suggestions.

Some of my faves:

I recently tried plopping (don't think my hair is long enough yet to get full benefits) and plan to continue that as my hair gets longer.



Cutting my own hair!

Conditioning and adding gel upside down!
"In the days when you were hopeless and poor, I just liked you more."

formerly jodib70
3a/3b, baby fine; growth goal: bra strap length.
I have changed alot of things but I think the biggest change was my attitude. I now hold my head high and let the curls bounce.
Have Fun!
3b to 3c,shoulder length in back, shorter on top until it grows out
Stopped brushing completely.
Started combing conditioner through in the shower.
Started using silicone, then
Stopped using silicone.
Started scrunching the good way.
Stopped blowing my hair out.
Started air drying more.
Bought a diffuser.
Stopped touching my hair as much.
Started reading product ingredients.
Stopped hating my hair and grew it long.
Cut way back on my shampooing.

I started reading articles around the site a long time before I started posting here. It was in January, 2001 that I came out of curly denial. I had to go to Seattle and my hair went *boing* the second I got off the plane. My own mother wanted to know if I had a perm. That was the big clue.

When I got back home, I started looking up how to take care of curls and that led me here. It wasn't until I got the CG book last year and wanted to see if other people were doing the same routine that I started posting, but I've completely changed the way I look at my hair (and take care of it) in the last three years.
3a/b, fine, lots of it
Changed everything: Stopped using shampoo, used only organic condish, no cones in anything, no proteins in anything, no more brushing or running my fingers thru my hair, plopping with product on soaking hair, started buying expensive haircare products,......and my hair looked like crap! I must be remedial because I did everything right and my hair was a giant puffball. I haven't had frizz since sixth grade.

So, I changed everything back: Now shampoo with .78 a bottle shampoo, use Pantene condish, Infusium-23 as a leave in, and some cheap gel with hemp oil in it from Wal-mart or Tresemme mousse if it's really humid. My curls are springy, my hair is soft, my frizz is gone and life is good
I have changed alot of things but I think the biggest change was my attitude. I now hold my head high and let the curls bounce.
Originally Posted by Omalorrie
What a great comment! You're right, learning to feel happy and proud of our curls is the greatest thing of all.
I've changed products repeatedly and I found a fabulous hairstylist because of this site. I am finally able to wear my hair down without being a giant bush.
Hair Type: mix of 3's, growing out an angled bob, color-treated red.
Current products: GVP conditioning balm for co-wash and leave in, Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle, Pattern Pusha and Garnier Anti-humidity hairspray
Location:Sunny Florida
Hair idol: Kimberly Schlapman from Little Big Town
I've changed everything about my routine since finding this site. I no longer brush at all, not even before or during showering. I put product in very wet hair, as opposed to damp hair. I know to finger comb when my hair is wet. I know the importance of conditioner and conditioning, and to monitor shampoo usage and the effects it has on my hair. I know how to diffuse now, how to get more height at the crown, and how to plop.

Most of all though, my product knowledge has increased drastically. I know all about the kind of products (mousse, gel, cream etc) and about the products that work for many people, work for certain hair types, or are plain useless.
I also know about ingredients, and now check the ingredients list on every product I buy. I know to be careful about silicones, watch out for the effects of protein, and counter-act drying alcohols with lots of conditioner.
I have changed alot of things but I think the biggest change was my attitude. I now hold my head high and let the curls bounce.
Originally Posted by Omalorrie
Ditto, here!
2/3 mix, just below shoulders, fine
No poo since 11/25/03
Trader Joe's Nourish Conditioner, Chocolate Lust No-Poo
Jessicurl Deep Conditioner
Jessicurl Rockin' Ringlets and Confident Coils
Read a lot fewer books and spend a lot more time on the computer.

Dazzle(confuse) my friends with words like.....plopping, diffusing, and scrunching.

Every aspect of haircare, washing, condishioning, styling, products has changed for me because of this site. Thank-you. My hair looks good.
I have finally realized I look my best when my hair tells me how it is going to fall, and I just make suggestions.

Posts: n/a
because of I now know what my natural hair looks like. For over 25 years I never knew what I had.
I learned that my hair hates 'cones in shampoos and conditioner but likes them in products.

I became open to trying new things like CG. I doesn't work for me but I tried.

I started reading product labels.

I've become addicted to trying new products but alas, I may have found my formula.

I discovered Sally Beauty.

I figured out that different weather conditions call for different hair products.

I finally found a gel I love - Abba Gel Lotion. (humid days)

I found a cream styler I love - I.C.O.N Beauty Cream Gel (dry days)

I can't say I've learned to love my curls but my hair never fully recurled since my experiment with Rusk anti-curl last November. I LOVE my new waves! I no longer covet straight hair.

I found my stylist.

Read a lot fewer books and spend a lot more time on the computer.
Me too.
Do you know why they call it "PMS"? Because "Mad Cow Disease" was taken.
--Unknown, presumed deceased
* I stopped wearing hair weaves and learned to love my curly hair

Thats the #1 thing...

*I realized BRUSHING actually works for my hair
*I started to wash with shampoo more often
*I stopped using gel..
*I started using hairspray instead of gel
*I stopped using hair grease
*I started to keep my ends trimmed
*I finally found a routine that works: Sebastian potion 9, Paul Mitchell hair sculpting lotion, honey, hairspray and air dry..
Hispanic/Black 3A-B
Mixed hair: Curls, waves and spirals.
Lots! I always shampooed every other day or so, not everyday and I never used the hair dryer much.

The things I do differently are:
I don't use a brush anymore at all
detangle when wet with conditioner in
gel into soaking wet hair
microfiber towel
getting 2nd or 3rd, 4th day hair (even though I didn't wash it everyday before I still wet it and conditioned everyday)
2b/3a, primarily use Jessicurl and DevaCurl products, Curls Hair Tea conditioner and various gels. I'm modified CG-ish since 5/04.

Changed all my products to CG-friendly
Shampoo much less frequently
Got shower filter
Added gel to routine
Added weekly DT
No more terry towel on hair
Now playing w/ dryer & diffuser
Then the cleanser, exfol., moisturizer, started wearing sunscreen again (thanks Rou!), mineral makeup

And...I notice other curlies MUCH more!

Prefer not to discuss ACV since doing a 1-week experiment in drinking the crap
formerly Castella
(my dogs aren't snarly, my hair is)

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