Does anyone else have this problem?

Does any one else look in the mirror in awe of the beautiful curls that live under their canopy?

My canopy feels as if it's a completely different to the rest of my hair. About an inch either side of my natural part, the hair is coarse and badly behaved, it seems no matter how much I look after it it's still laughing at me. The new hairs growing around this area are so coarse and wiry.
Underneath this my hair is quite fine and clumps perfectly no mater what I do to it.

I have got it as good as I can and not leaving any conditioner in my canopy is a no-no, if I'm not careful the curls go stringy and frizzy.
I appreciate that it's the most exposed part and needs extra tlc, but does anyone else know how to make it more like the rest of my hair or have this problem?

Luckily I prefer the top front part of my hair pinned back so that all of the curls beneath have a chance to show off, but it would be nice to be able to wear it another way and not worry about my canopy.
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Heck YES, I have the same thing. I always feel my canopy just ruins the look for me. My curls just above my ears are so soft and boing-y (there is no real word that describes them as accurately LOL) The hair is fine and silkly and the curls are uniform and dont drop out, and need no coaxing or finger twirling.

BUT the evil canopy of doom ruins it all! Its like wire wool that you rub paint off with. I gently run my hand over the top and back of my head, barely touching, and its so coarse it feels almost prickly. I wish I knew how to change it, I think its just how it grows
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But then again, too few to mention...
Haha, about an hour ago I was looking in the mirror checking out my underneath layer! I've always had more defined, clumpy, boingy curls hiding underneath...that was actually my first indication years ago that hey...maybe my hair is curly! Sometimes my canopy will behave better than others but it never looks as frizz free as what's hiding below.
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I'm not hair expert, but everyone that has ever cut my hair has told me that that part of our head gets hit with the most elements; wind, the blow dryer, sun, etc. It's the first part of my head that frizzes and loses curl. I've been using mini claw clips to poof and define it a bit up there, it works as long as I can keep my hands off it.
Well at least it isn't just me, I think half the problem with mine is that it's so porous up there. I just put some Aussie 3mm on my hair as for a DT and my canopy was just soaking it up. I suppose there's nothing else we can do except give it lots of love.

Thing is if I have it blowed straight my canopy looks so shiny and smooth, it's so strange that it hates its natural state and doesn't conform.
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Lately my canopy has been acting up too. IT is frizzing so badly and the rest of my hair is perfect. .....Arrrgh I feel you pain!
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Me too . I always get the most frizz there and my curls tend to be stringier there . Definitely because it's more "exposed" to daily abuse. I love how much shinier and healthier my underneath layer of hair looks. I wish I could take my hair off, flip it over and wear it inside out!
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Me canopy towards the front is the least curly of my hair and I'm always tempted to just lop it all off so all those lovely curls will show!
If we shave off our canopy's maybe noone would notice

It's just been playing up so much lately, today my DT didn't have the desired effect. I think it's because the weather has warmed up.

There must be a way to make it behave like the rest, maybe I'm styling it wrong.
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