New to this site with unmanagable hair!

Hi everyone! I'm new to this site. I have Curly type 3A hair with 3B curls on the sides. I am 10 weeks pregnant and very tired all the time so I am in a "hair rut". I used to straighten my hair with a flat iron everyday but I havent straightened it in a few weeks due to extreme fatigue. I feel horrible about the way my hair is. Nothing I do keeps my curls smooth and bouncy. They are always frizzy and big-looking. I don't know whether to use moose or gel. Does anybody have any suggestions? My hair length is almost halfway down my back and my hair is very thick and course. Please let me know what I can do to get large smooth, shiny, bouncy curls. Thanks!
as a new mom of twins in my mid twenties i know your pain anyway i've tried this product called kinky curly curling custard its awsome they are usualy about 25 plus shipping for a 16 oz jar but there is a guy on ebay who i got mine from who sell them for 19 5 bucks shipping it was well worth the 20 buck im a tight wad so when i mean it good stuff it is i have 3b 4a hair mine was down my back until i cut off the relaxed hair to the natural almost still have a little left to go also look into girls in your neighborhood who know how to braid i live in Virginia so there are a few domnican salons who know how to blow out maybe u'll get lucky in finding a good salon. anywho i wash with paul mitchell strengthing line i go to my local african herbalist for pure shea butter that prevents my breakage and dryness and get a friend to braid my hair or flat twist cornrow down in a bun for work i hope that helps some hopefully the site pros will have better info
Thanks for your reply! I am just going to do the "No poo" routine which I did today using just "Aussie Deeep Moisturizing" Conditioner and it worked great. My hair is so soft with NO frizz whatsoever! I am also going to buy one of those "Wet to Straight" curling irons that are sold at Walmart for $25. The big fat one, you know for thick long hair. I have a skinny one and it just isn't doing the job anymore because my hair is getting super long! It worked great though for my hair when it was shorter and I could straighten the whole thing in only 15 mins! It's a great product! Even though I don't really like my hair, I guess I am lucky that I can wear it curly and straight. A lot of people I know can't do that!
hey let me know how that wet to straight iron works for you i wated to get one but was worried it wouldnt work for me my hair likes to hold onto water even when i blowdry its very frustrating
I actually have the skinny (smaller one) and it works wonders! It is getting old but still works like a charm. Here's my secret: I wash my hair at night. I put leave in conditioner or some kind of smoothing/straightening creme in it. I comb it through and go to bed. The next morning my hair is a little curly but it's dry. I will then section my hair off and straigten it like this. It is sooo much faster! I NEVER actually straighten it wet and I NEVER blow dry my hair. It's WAY tool ong and thick for blowdrying and it takes WAY too long. I have found that washing it at night and letting it dry overnight makes for a clean, dry head of hair to work w/ in the morning. It's so much faster that way!

I will get my Wet 2 Straight Straightener on the 27th (payday) it's also my last day of school before graduating w/ my bachelor's degree on May 5. So this will be a present to myself!

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