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i part my hair to the right and it seems that the right side (the side that has more hair) curls into 3a curls and that side seems to have volume. the left side (the side with less hair) is 2c waves and tends to curl sometimes if i style my hair right. the problem is that when the left side does curl, its only a few spots, the rest is waves and it lays flat on my head. it doesnt bother me that i dont have uniform curls, but what bothers me is that it looks ridiculous because one side is nice and volumized and the other is flat. it looks like i slept on just one side of my head the whole night and didnt have time to shower in the morning. is there any way i can get more volume on my left side or make it curl like the hair on the right side?

We are hair twins. I have found the only thing that helps is to literally NOT touch hair after I take it out of the towel in the morning, and let it dry from falling where it may. It looks RIDICULOUS like this, but if I do let it dry this way, it really does seem to help with the volume. My part doesn't seem to fall uniformly on it's own, it's usually me that has to do that, and by not doing it, it's like the hair dries curlier at the roots. DOes this make any sense?
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For that very reason I now make the part a little further in so there will be more hair on the "skinny" side but also, unlike 2bforme I have to touch my hair to help it curl more. So after separating both sides with a couple of small metal clips or even one of my hands I bend down from the waist letting the hair hang and then I scrunch or at least push it up with the palm of my hand, usually when I straighten up it holds the shape. Then, if I diffuse I also push the hair up on that side while it's drying.
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