It's been too long!

Hello everyone! The last time I posted a message on the site I was still transitioning and experiencing a great deal of turmoil about my hair.
I finally chopped off the wicked straight ends in July of last year and was amazed at how intolerant Caribbean people are towards natural hair. BUT ANYWAY! I didn't have any internet access for awhile so I couldn't show the progress of my tresses.
I'm trying not be a lazy person anymore.

This pic was taken on March 31st with a best friend

This is me relaxed and in denial a few years ago
we go forward we go back.
Welcome back! Congratulations for a successful transition and thanks for sharing your pics. I want to say that you are so pretty that any hair would look good on you! Don't let those prejudiced people make you feel bad for having chosen to be true to what nature gave you, you know that here many of us have had to go through something similar - I used to chemically straighten my hair too and my family had a little trouble accepting the "new" me so even if my curls are different than yours I know what you mean. It's your hair and you are free to decide what you want to do with it, which includes exercising that privilege were you ever to desire a change and temporarily straighten again. Our hair is our "crowning glory" and we should have fun with it, I personally think curls offer the most opportunities for that!
2A/3A, medium length, layered, colored dark/medium ash blonde - "CGer" since April '02.

"Converting the 'curlskeptics' one curly head at a time..." HWHC
I'm tickled to be back! I still get my doubtful moments but they become less and less significant. I guess everyone hears that demon of doubt every now and again. Your comments brightened my day thanks again HalfWavyHalfCurly!
we go forward we go back.
Awww, so glad to hear that, makes me feel I have a little purpose in this world! Now go look at yourself in the mirror and please agree with me, I want you to feel that way everyday!
2A/3A, medium length, layered, colored dark/medium ash blonde - "CGer" since April '02.

"Converting the 'curlskeptics' one curly head at a time..." HWHC

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