Well this is my first time posting..and have been lurking for quite some time.
I have noticed alot of ya'll talking about i checked out her site ...watched the videos(atleast 3 times each) And i fell in love with the way her hair looks. I ordered some samples hopefully they will be here soon. But i still have some questions.

What are your experiences with it? Did you achieve the same results Jessica did?
How long will the products last for medium lenght, thick hair?
And how long will it take for my samples to get here?!?!
3a?? blonde

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It doesn't take long for the stuff to get to you. Your results with the prods will most likely be different than anyone elses on these boards. But you can do what we all do...pick and choose the ones that work best for us. I personally bought the thick full size set so I could get a good idea of what her stuff would really do for me. I have decided after using all of the line that the Rockin Ringlets and Confident Coils work the best for me. I really like the Hair Cleansing Cream and it is very cost eff. to me b/c I only wash once a month so I will last months. I love the Too Shea and Weekly Deep Treat as Dt's interchangeably so they will last a long time too. I bought a liter of the Rockin Ringlets the last time they were on sale I think I will do the same for the CCSS too. I use Natures Gate prods and Suave trop coconut/V05 for co-washing daily because they are readily available/cheaper.
One thing is for sure for all of us though...We all love the scents of her prods
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thanks echokitten.
That brings up another question i had..

Can you describe the smells...i picture island fantasy as tropically..and
3a?? blonde

Modified CG since 5/07

The citrus is actually "Citrus Lavender" and, to my nose, is more lavender smelling. I like both - but my favorite is the Island Fantasy.
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
and then it seems like it doesn't work anymore. Then I use re:coil for a while and then I return to JC. I used the island fantasy at first and then it got to smell too strong for me so I usually buy the citrus lavender. I used it today and my mom said my hair looked very nice and I should wear it like this all the time. I said I'd like to but I don't have much control over how it comes out!
3B, I think w/very thick hair, shoulder length. Fall hair: Low Poo, TS, CK, Aloeba leave in, recoil or RR, plop, BRHG or SMU, no blow dry.
and then it seems like it doesn't work anymore..... and then I return to JC. I used it (Saturday) hair looked very nice and I wish (it would turn out like this) all the time......but I don't have much control over how it comes out!
I made some slight changes to NuttyHair's quote but I know exactly what she meant!
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
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I would describe Island Fantasy as vanilla-coconut with a hint of fruit. It's really yummy.

I especially like her conditioners, which are my daily staples.
Rockin ringlets combined with Herbal Essences Set Me Up gel is really working for me, especially today. Awe Inspiralling for a refresher spray (I spray on my hands and smooth). Check my www link for photos (look for the most recent ones)

I use the unscented products because I'm sensitive to any scent/perfume.

I don't think I get the same results as she does, because we just have a different hair type. (Wish I had her hair! ) However, the products definitely enhance curl for me.

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  • Jessicurl Confident Coils
  • Rockin Ringlets, and
  • Herbal Essences Set Me Up Gel
Thanks everyone...
Still waitin on my free hopefully they will be here soon!!
3a?? blonde

Modified CG since 5/07

I've been using her products for the past month and really liking the combo of the RR with the CC. My hair is long enough now I can plop, so I follow her routine in the videos almost exactly, except the blow drying part. I usually try to let my hair air-dry as long as possible and then finish with the blow-dryer. Also I still rely on Set-it-Free to "scrunch out the crunch". This also makes my hair alot shinier and softer. I use the HCC about every other day, and the Too Shea is a wonderful conditioner. I have found that on the days I don't poo though, my hair isn't as slick. I used to use No-Poo weekly and One-C, but found that with Too Shea, I need to poo more, otherwise it feels like it's building up. My hair also feels softer now than ever before. In a few weeks, I am going to alternate back to Deva products, just to compare. I have a feeling I might alternate between the two lines though.
Izzy, started CG in January after being bald for over a year!
Currently using Devacurl No-Poo, One-C, Angell, Set-it-Free. Weekly Jessicurl WDT. Lemon-aid every other week.

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