Jessicurl and deva shampoos

I know this has been covered a billion times, but I still have a few questions. How does the shampoo's compare, what are the similarities/differences, is jessicurl's shampoo as gentle as deva no-poo?

I've been using deva no poo for a while now, and Im nearly at the end of the bottle. This is the first poo that worked for me. My scalp is sensitive, and every other product makes my hair fall out by the handfulls. But the conditioners stopped working a while back (after I ordered 3 bottles, great luck there huh). But lately I've been having to wash my hair more, im getting the itchies and scalp build-up, although Im not sure if it's the weather, I have been spending alot more time outside.

anyone have any thoughts?
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No-Poo is entirely non-detergent, the equivalent of conditioner-washing. Jessicurl's two cleansers have mild, non-sulfate detergents. So they are not really like No-Poo -- more like Low-Poo.

My experience is that Low-Poo has less cleansing power than Jessicurl HCC (I have not tried Gentle Lather). The Jessicurl cleansers have added oils and moisturizers to counteract the detergents.

You might do well with an occasional use of a non-sulfate shampoo.

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